Welcome Back Manzos!!!  It’s a full house this time around on Manzo’d With Children as Albie Manzo and Chris Manzo have moved back home to save money to start their own business (another business? what about the bar? what about BLK water?).  I’m curious how much money they actually save by living at home.  You take away rent and utilities and groceries that definitely helps.  However, I imagine they are still going out to bars, restaurants and shopping – which is where most of my income went at that age anyway. The key to saving money is actually making money (I’m assuming the Bravo salaries are plentiful) and so far every scene has been the boys lounging around at home like it’s summer vacation.  Maybe the cameras are just capturing the weekends – but do these guys have any job right now??? Even if they are earning money from BLK or the restaurant on the side – that still requires doing some work.  This Manzo business idealism throws me for a loop.  Wanting your children to be their own boss in their early 20s might not be the best idea, Caroline Manzo. There is something to be said for busting your butt for a company, learning all the ropes and then maybe after 5-10 years you can be confident enough to do it independently.  I have a feeling moving home had more to do with the show than saving for their “business ventures”.   Sorry, I had to rant on this topic, it irks me to no end.

The boys are literally playing in their backyard on pool rafts when their old friend Greg Bennett gives them a ring.  He’s out in San Francisco now and is back visiting for the weekend and wants to hang out like old times, Jersey-style.  Lauren Manzo strolls outside and gets wind that Greg is on the phone and is super stoked.  Greg is in her wedding party and invites him to go wedding dress shopping while he is in town.  Glamour magazine has booked a photo shoot with Lauren trying on wedding dresses (Surprised as I would have figured InTouch Magazine seems more up the Manzo alley). 


The next day, Jacqueline Laurita and Lauren are at her make-up/beauty boutique, Cafface (can someone explain to me again what’s the deal with this name? What is it, a mash of – cafe and face?) and Lauren tells Jacqueline that she is going to get botox in her under arms to eliminate her sweat. Apparently, she has a huge sweating problem and cannot have this be an issue come wedding day.  If Lauren wants support for anything botox, Jacqueline is her number one fan.  Caroline walks in and overhears this botox nonsense and she says the statement that sums up all of her children, not just Lauren.  “You can’t just expect to get a quick fix when you don’t like something about yourself”.  In this case, for beauty – you actually can! But I see Caroline’s point.  Although, science has come a long way, dammit and I think Lauren should go do whatever she wants to make herself feel better.  I’ve bought plenty of anti-antiperspirant gimmicks and nothing works when you sweat a ton besides Botox.  Go for it Lauren!

Later on, Greg stops by the house for a family dinner.  Lauren and Vito Scalia arrive and hugs all around.  Greg complains about the lack of good pasta and pizza in SF.  Side note: I’m offended Greg (lol!) I live in San Francisco and the food is amazing! I should take him to a few stellar spots to prove him wrong.  It turns out Vito and Lauren don’t have any concrete wedding plans yet as Vito entertains Hawaii as a possible location and perhaps a white tuxedo with a top hat (um, no Vito) and Lauren shoots it down dead.  Looks like they have a lot of details to sort out over the next year (Man, I though this wedding was around the corner by the time this show taped – it’s not for another year??!!  That will most likely be another Bravo spin-off).

Well, we’re at the doctor’s office folks and the armpit botox is happening!  It doesn’t seem that painful, but I’ll tell you, watching Caroline, Jacqueline and Lauren yip-yapping was very painful.  Shut-up all of you!  Let the doctor do his work. 

Lauren Manzo wedding dress

The Glamour magazine wedding dress photo shoot day has arrived!  Caroline, Greg, Lauren and her wedding party are there to support to her.  Caroline mentions how happy she is because she recalls when Lauren couldn’t get a date to her junior prom, so Albie took her (this is so sad and kind of adorable at the same time).  Now, she is doing magazine photo shoots so it turns out Lauren has come into her own and has found her inner and outer beauty.  Lauren is pretty and I feel terrible that growing up overweight was such a nightmare for her!  Lauren steps out of the fitting room in a gorgeous princess dress and she looks stunning!  Hooray for Lauren!  This makes for very happy mama Manzo.

On to episode 2!

As we head into episode 2, Caroline lets it be known that she is trying to lose weight and get into shape. She shares that her mother and her grandmother had heart attacks in their 50s and Caroline wants to be healthy for her family.  I’m so supportive of this! Lauren is also trying to shed the last few pounds before her big day – so they both decide to clean out the fridge of all the crappy food.  The boys continue to live like frat brothers eating pizza and Cheetos all day long, so Caroline is putting a stop this, ASAP.   Caroline mentions that the majority of her weight issues are her breasts but the boys feel she needs to get her butt to the gym. 

Caroline reluctantly agrees and basically surrenders to a trainer that is putting her through boot camp.  She’s determined and I love her drive.  Keep it up Caroline! 
Albie wants to push her even farther and decides to take her trapeze jumping. All the kids join her and this should be a treat.  Even though Caroline agrees, she’s having major second thoughts once she arrives to the trapeze lot.  The instructor is hilarious as he blows through what should be a 20-minute prep session should be into about 3 minutes.  After Caroline signs her life away, she nervously makes her way up the ladder.  I give her props because this is scary for people afraid of heights.  At this point, she’s fighting through tears to just get this over with.  As she is plotting her kids deaths for making her do this, she finally lets go and swings! Unfortunately, she’s crying through the whole process and they let her down.  The kids, on the other hand, are laughing hysterically. 
Next week, the family meets Albie’s new girlfriend and tempers flare.  Lauren doesn’t really like her and let’s Albie know it and he doesn’t look happy to hear everyone’s opinions….Stay tuned! 
Recap Author: Bonnie K.
Photo Credit: Instagram and Bravo TV
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