Judge Orders Phaedra Parks To Spill All About Apollo Nida’s Illegal Activities!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

Hot on the heels of Phaedra Parks announcing that she’s divorcing herself from providing Apollo Nida with spousal immunity, a judge is ordering Phaedra to discuss her husband’s crimes in an upcoming deposition! 

Phaedra has been embroiled in a lawsuit against a woman named Angela Stanton who self-published a book titled Lies Of A Real Housewife which alleged that Phaedra was the ring-leader in the original car racket scheme that got Apollo (and Angela) sent to federal prison. This is the first time Apollo went to prison, mind you.

A portion of Angela’s book was published in Vibe Magazine, despite the magazine issuing a disclaimer that there were no facts to back it up.  Phaedra sued Vibe, Angela’s publishing company, and Angela, settling out of court with Vibe and dropping the suit against the publishing company – but Phaedra’s suit against Angela rages on.

Now the Real Housewives Of Atlanta is required to give additional deposition because according to Angela’s attorneys Phaedra doesn’t want to reveal what she may or may not have known about Apollo’s illegal activities! 


Angela, once an acquaintance of Apollo’s, claimed that Phaedra was such a genius she was able to out-smart the feds, the IRS, and every criminal mind on the east coast by avoiding any investigation or arrests connected with the ring she was running – and no one turned on Phaedra either. Angela’s book was originally published by Augustus Publishing, an independently owned “hip hop” publishing company, Phaedra also sued them. The case settled out of court, or was dropped. They no longer carry or produce Angela’s book, but she has since self-published it. 

Angela even went so far as to file a countersuit against Phaedra (I am not sure if this was thrown out of court or not?). In her countersuit Angela accuses Phaedra of slander and defamation because Phaedra accused the author of lying. Angela never submitted any proof of Phaedra’s so-called involvement, and the witnesses she’s brought forth to testify so-far have been spotty, nor has there been any government record of Phaedra being involved or investigated. 

Apollo has admitted to a past connection with Angela (and has also been deposed in this case). He claims Angela is looking for publicity from their RHOA affiliation. Angela has also allegedly tried to get on camera via Kenya Moore – another reason Phaedra has so much animosity towards Kenya. Apollo laughed off accusations that Phaedra was involved in his crimes – and this was after Phaedra and Apollo were separated, fighting, and he had been indicted on another financial fraud conspiracy. 

Fast forward to today, Phaedra is being ordered by a judge to sit for another deposition in the Stanton case! Phaedra already submitted one deposition where stated she had no relationship with Angela and did not answer questions regarding Apollo’s criminal activities.

TMZ says that Phaedra will be grilled by Angela’s attorneys any “non-privilege” details about Apollo’s criminal activities in a 2nd deposition – something she was able to avoid discussing before. Phaedra’s attorneys have previously expressed frustration that Angela’s legal representation is trying to make this case all about Apollo, not Phaedra. It’s likely because they have PROOF Apollo broke the law, whereas Phaedra’s name has never even been listed on an investigation report! 

Angela’s attorneys insist they need this information so they can build a proper defense against Phaedra. Phaedra has until next Monday to sit for this deposition unless her attorneys file a motion. Phaedra will also be asked about what led to her decision to drop the case against Augustus Publishing. 

Hmmm…well this should be interesting – Phaedra is still married to Apollo, so I’m not sure how much she is legally mandated to reveal (if she knows much at all). We also know from watching RHOA that Phaedra never breaks, is the queen of the stonewall, and ain’t gonna do a thing but plead the fifth and have her high-priced attorneys object to every question.

Here’s the catch, however: it doesn’t matter what Phaedra says because the publishing company has a confidentiality clause involved and this will be a sealed deposition according to TamaraTattles. I have to wonder if the judge is going to finally get tired of all this nonsense and throw the case out! 

[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]