Video: Phaedra Parks Talks Apollo Nida’s Legal Issues And Her Marriage Falling Apart With Ellen DeGeneres!

phaedra parks exclusive interview with ellen degeneres

Last month Apollo Nida began an 8 year prison stint and Phaedra Parks is finally breaking her silence in an exclusive sit-down with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Phaedra will reveal all about how her world came crumbling down!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star says that she was in the dark about Apollo’s life of crime due to her busy schedule. “I really didn’t [have any idea]… ” Phaedra sighed. “I work, I just got my fifth college degree. I’m pretty much an overachiever. I have two very small children,”  Phaedra tells Ellen in an interview to air today.

“So, I didn’t have any idea this was going on until he called me and he said ‘I’ve been arrested and I’m having this problem, but it’s not true,'” Phaedra says. 


Phaedra initially believed Apollo – and stood by him, until it become clear that he had been lying to her all along. “I went out of my way to get him the best attorneys, the best investigators, and to do everything I could,” Phaedra shares. “I’m an attorney myself and so I wanted him to have the best so we could fight this together, but obviously it did not turn out like that.”

Phaedra also acknowledges that the tole of Apollo’s legal situation, and his dishonesty, crumbled their marriage. Phaedra recently announced she is filing for divorce.

“It’s extremely hard,” Phaedra acknowledges, explaining that she always believed in Apollo. “The person I married… I thought he was changed.” Now she will be a single mom to the couple’s two sons, Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 17, months – and the most difficult part is the effect this will have on her sons. “

“My heart aches for my two sons because they are the heart and soul of who I am,” Phaedra shares. “That’s the best thing we ever did together. We have these great kids. I never wanted to do anything to diminish his character in public. But we’ve had some times where he’s done things that weren’t so cool… weren’t so nice.”

Among those not so nice moments were accusations Apollo made against Phaedra – that she is having an affair with a man named “Chocolate,” which will be a major storyline this season on RHOA.  Phaedra adamantly denies cheating. 

“I think it’s totally absurd to think that I cheated. They’re saying that I had an affair with a man from Africa named Chocolate. Now, everybody knows that I do love a Snickers bar every once in a while, but it’s definitely not a man from Africa that I’ve ever had an affair with. It’s just absurd,” Phaedra snaps. 

Phaedra, who was separated from Apollo at the time, thinks the spurious accusations sprung from his unhappiness about his life. “I think sometimes when people are hurting they do things to hurt other people. There’s been a lot of lashing out from Apollo because I think he’s in a place, a very angry place, and I think you hurt the people closest to you sometimes. It’s unfortunate.”

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phaedra parks styled by shun nelson for ellen degeneresThank you Us Weekly for the pre-interview quotes. A video is below. 

Phaedra will be sharing more on her sit-down with Ellen, which airs today. 

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