Dina Manzo was a guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight after part 1 of the lost footage episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  It was fairly uneventful but Andy did shed a little light on what we can expect to hear from Dina at the reunion – like addressing her family issues once and for all. 

Andy jumped right in, “You were more verbal about your family situation at the jersey reunion than I’ve heard you be – ever.”   Dina responded, “Because I’ve kept my mouth shut all these years and that didn’t help, so I thought maybe if I talk this will go away.” 

Andy tried to ask about her relationship with Caroline because it seems to Andy like that Dina sounded hopeful that it could be mended.  Dina laughs, “Do you ask Caroline these questions when she’s on?”  He confirms, “I do!”  He added that Dina made it seem at the reunion like there’s a resolution with Caroline in the future.  Dina replies, “Yeah, she’s my sister.” 

Andy says “and Jacqueline is..?”  Dina says “my brother’s wife.”

A caller asked (and didn’t realize none of us care anymore!) if Dina felt bad for spilling the rumor about the twins’ mother by telling them about it.  She said no, she felt that if someone’s talking about your mother like that, you should know.

A fan asks if Dina will visit Teresa in prison and she says that it’s up to Teresa. She says she stands back and waits for Teresa to let her know when she wants her. 

Andy then asks Dina if she has any regrets this season and she says no.  He asks if she’s glad she came back to the show and she just smiles at him with no answer and changes the subject. 

Andy did read a Tweet that came in from Jacqueline Laurita and Dina laughed it off as untrue.  More on that spat tomorrow…



Photo Credit: Twitter