Brandi Glanville Would Fire Kyle Richards; Dishes On Celebrity Apprentice, RHOBH Slap, New Blunder Block App, More

 The Celebrity Apprentice - Season 15

As Brandi Glanville makes the press rounds to promote the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as well as her stint on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, she’s being very candid, as usual. 

Brandi stopped by for an interview on E! News last night and although she’s got a gag order from Bravo about most things RHOBH-related, it didn’t keep her from dishing out opinions on her cast mates.

She had this to say about participating on Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year, “I’ve never done anything more stressful than get a divorce.  There’s so much stress on you, your team mates – you’re competing with them.  They throw you under the bus and you think you made friends and then they’ll say “she should go” in the boardroom and you’re going ‘I thought we were best friends?’ It just got crazy.”

Her interviewers ask if she’s the one who slaps Lisa Vanderpump in the newly released season trailer.  She says she’s not even allowed to share that tidbit.  “I was just on the phone with the Bravo people and we can’t say anything at all.”  She could share that this season is crazier than ever.  “We had a new level of crazy this year. I’m not overly proud of it, but it will be entertaining. I feel like it’ll be embarrassing and we will all have regrets, but it was like we got physical on several occasions. I thought it was a soap opera. I just kept looking over my shoulder like ‘what just happened'”.


When her interviewer says that it feels like things are much more physical this time around, Brandi confirms and thinks it’s because the others felt the need to ramp up the drama to keep their jobs!  “I think with having two new people come on, there’s like this ‘oh these other girls lost their job and we need to bring it’ and there’s this heightened sense of crazy and you have to one up it. That’s my perspective.  It’s 1 to 10 and we start at 11 and it just gets higher. ”  So essentially she’s saying they’re ramping up drama to keep their jobs?

Brandi also promoted her new app called Blunder Block.  She says it’s for people who start to drink and tweet. “You can’t call them and they can’t call you for a certain number of hours.  Anything you do on your phone, you go through that app.  So if you’re tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, texting, calling, you have to go through that app and if you want to send a Tweet and there’s something wrong in it, it says the F word or something horrible, it pops up and gives you a second chance.”  

They then ask Brandi some rapid fire questions:

Which housewife would you block from calling you?  Eileen.

Who has the worst potty mouth?  Me

Who always makes everyone wait while shooting?  Lisa

Who is quick to bitch slap?  Rinna or Myself.

Who do you trust to keep your secrets? Yolanda.

Who is the biggest flirt? Me

Who do you wish you could fire? Kyle.



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