Kim Richards Sued; Her Dog Kingsley Has Attacked 5 People Including A Family Friend!

kim richards snuggles dog kingsley

Kim Richards clearly does not keep her dog Kingsley on a tight leash! Last week he bit Kyle Richards‘ daughter Alexia, requiring two surgeries. But this is not the first time Kingsley has bitten – he attacked 4 (FOUR!) other people besides Alexia, including a close friend of Kim’s. And Kim is now being sued as a result! 

In a statement, Kim said Alexia went into a room where Kingsley was secluded, after being warned, and the dog attackedKay Rozario, Kim’s friend whom she refers to as a “second mother” was savagely bitten by Kingsley in March. While they were in Kim’s bedroom, Kay reached over the bed and Kingsley bit through her hand to the bone! He then went for her face, which Kay blocked with her raised arm, which was also injured!

According to Kay the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star’s first reaction was, “Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll lose my show.” Cause, priorities! Then Rambles crouched over a trashcan and prayed that all of this would be thrown away in the garbage! 


Paramedics came to Kim’s house to examine Kay and wanted to call animal control, but Kim insisted she would handle it and Kay did not press charges. Now Kim is refusing to pay Kay’s medical bills so Kay has resorted to suing Kim to recover the costs, says TMZ. 

Kim insists Kay’s version of events is “vehemently not true,” and she, once again, refuses to take accountability by saying Kay knew Kingsley was in the bedroom and prone to bite, but she went in there anyway. Which is pretty much what Kim said about how Alexia got mauled

Kim’s rep told People, of the incident, that Kay “walked into my bedroom the next morning reaching across Kingsley towards me and Kingsley went after her.” 

In fact, Kim insists Kay is a known liar who has used the Richards family to make money in the past by selling stories to the tabloids and that friends don’t sue friends. Yes, but friends also don’t refuse to pay their friend’s medical bills when their dog rips their hand off. Excuses, Rambles, excuses! 

“In the past Mrs. Razario has sold multiple stories involving my family and myself and was paid for her participation in a book about my family,” Kim’s statement accuses. “This event took place on the morning of the first time I saw her in over 10 years after a reconciliation for her part in the book. It’s unfortunate how people can go against decades of friendship when something like this happens and make their rounds to the media for money.”

Kim’s previous trainer, who was seen working with Kingsley on RHOBH, said in a statement that Kim is “not qualified to own a dog” and he believes she is putting others in danger by having Kingsley at her home. Clearly. 

Now Kim is wrestling with whether or not she will have to put Kingsley to sleep because of his low bite inhibition. One person who is still on her side is Kyle, who hopes Kingsley can just find a better home. Sources tell TMZ, Kyle recognizes that Kingsley is all Kim has. Isn’t she the mother of four kids? Or are they too afraid of Kingsley to go over to her house?!

Kyle is worried that due to Kim’s addiction issues, losing Kingsley could be dangerous for her stability, however Kyle does not think Kingsley should remain in Kim’s care because not only does he bite people, he also aggressive towards other animals! 

kim richards snuggling dog kingsley in bedHere’s Kim snuggling Kingsley in bed… #NoWords #BadDogMom

OK, Rambles – time to do the right thing. Re-home that dog! Good Lord, do we really have to tell this loon that?! I think it’s time for the authorities to step in!

You can see photos of Kay’s injuries – they are graphic – at TMZ


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