Did Usher Make A Sex Tape With Tameka Raymond? The Atlanta Exes Star Denies Making One!

 usher and tameka raymond sex tape?

Reality stars have unfortunately become synonymous with sex tapes so I shouldn’t say I’m surprised to learn that there’s allegedly an Usher and Tameka Raymond sex tape circulating around just waiting for Vivid the highest bidder to snap it up. 

Reports are saying that when Usher was married to the Atlanta Exes star, they made a sex tape, and it’s gotten into the hands of someone trying to make a quick buck! They believe the tape was stolen way back in 20o9 when someone broke into Usher’s car and made off with his designer luggage – the contents of which included jewelry, several cameras and two laptops, on one of which we can presume was the sex tape. 


Usher reported the incident to the police, who had no luck recovering the property. Whomever gained possession of the footage tried to sell it shortly after it was stolen, but none of the big name adult film companies would touch it because Usher didn’t need to boost his career and certainly wouldn’t agree to release a personal sex tape. Furthermore it was known that the tape was stolen property. 

The footage seemed to disappear but now it’s resurfaced. The person in possession of it is going straight to the blogs to see if any of them would like a bite of the action! Of course, the seller will make much less money, since blogs don’t have the income power of a major media company or adult film company, but apparently any money is better than none, right?!

Usher’s attorney is trying to track down who has possession of the stolen tape, raunchy acts of which blessedly not revealed, because that person is trying to sell it to anyone who would take it. 

Tameka, however, denies that the tape was ever made! “I know I have never made a sex tape, especially not for distribution” she insists. Tameka states that even if she did film herself getting freaky with Usher, what happens in a marriage is your prerogative! “You get married so you can do whatever it is you want. That was my husband. We had a lot of fun. He was my husband in a proper sense. No wifey fake sh*t.”

Adding that she has never been contacted to verify the validity of any sex tapes, Tameka doesn’t even believe the claim that tape exists. 

“I don’t know if they’re trying to extort money or what because because no one has ever approached me about it,” Tameka told Madame Noire. “People are so thirsty. They are thirst trappers; the thirst is so real. Why do you want to watch a married couple?”  I have to agree with her there – I do not get the fascination. 

Speaking of thirsty…  anyway it seems Usher wants more than his last name back, he also wants his nekkid moments back! His attorney certainly seems to believe the tape is real and is “aggressively” looking for whomever might have it! 

TMZ has copies of the police report proving that Usher’s car was broken into, but it does not stipulate the exact content of what was on the computers or cameras. People, really, just stop making sex tapes. I mean, are you that narcissistic? 


[Photo Credit: WENN]