On this week’s episode of Atlanta ExesTameka Raymond has it out with her longtime assistant over plans for her 5K. Sheree Buchanan’s longtime friend Monica, may or may not have her back.  

To kick things off, the ladies decide to take Krav Maga class. Tameka says that she uses the class to keep in shape. The instructor is showing the women techniques to defend against someone holding their neck, and Christina Johnson has a moment. She says, “I can’t do this,” and walks away. Monyetta Shaw goes to comfort her and Christina confesses that she was in an abusive relationship when she was younger, and that she can’t have anyone touch her neck. Monyetta comforts her and tells Christina to be glad to be there to talk about it.


Monica and Sheree meet with Tameka about the rumors that Tameka has been spreading about Sheree. Tameka greets Monica with a long hug, but she barely acknowledges Sheree. When questioned, Tameka says to Sheree, “I have heard a lot of things about your sexual prowess. I have heard it from several different people, so we would have to have an arena of people to have this meeting with.” #dead. Sheree says that she can count on one hand how many people she has slept with since she left her ex. Her friend Monica finds that statement hilarious. Monica says that she heard a lot of things about Sheree when she came to Atlanta, and that she heard that she had slept with Usher. # with friends like these It turns out that Monica may have actually told Tameka that she heard that Sheree slept with Usher. Sheree needs to make Monica an ex. I think Monica is trying to vie for her a spot on the show. Sheree says that Tameka acts like she is better than her. Tameka says that she would tell her if she thought she was better than her. Monica says, “When you guys are arguing, just don’t bring me into it.” Say what now? Before Tameka came she was telling Sheree about how she was upset at Tameka for degrading Sheree’s character. She was going to confront Tameka about saying things that she ‘supposedly said.’ After 20 years of friendship with Sheree, this is what it comes down to in the name of TV. #sad


Monyetta and Christina meet for coffee to discuss Christina’s past abusive relationship. She says that her abuser would go for the throat, and that the class brought that back. She says of the relationship, “I was old enough to know that it wasn’t right but young enough to feel like I could change it.” She says that that is what love looked like for her. She grew up with low self-esteem. She says that she put on the face because people believed that she was in the perfect relationship. She became a survivor and has turned her pain into passion. Now, she talks with teens about dating and domestic violence. She hopes to change lives. That’s why we love Christina.


Brandon and Greg, Tameka’s assistants are meeting at Kile Mania with Trina, Tameka’s manager. Tameka comes in. Tameka is upset with Greg about him dropping the ball for the 5K. They are celebrating Kile’s 13th birthday and the first anniversary of Tameka’s charity, Kile’s World, so she needs for the event to be big. They argue about lists and emails. It seems as if Tameka has little details about what is going on, and expects the assistants to know more than she does, and do more than she does for these events. She is upset that no one wants to work on the weekends. Tameka should just hire a PR company and an event company and let it go. Greg, for his part, is giving Tameka back all of the attitude that she is giving him. This is what happens when you cross the line into friendship with your assistant. They call each other dumbasses. She tells him to leave, and he says, “Put me out bitch.” Things go left from there. Greg digs deep, and says that Tameka looks like a man, and that he would rather make money on his own that make it by laying on his back. She has been making money this way since she was 19. #when assistants attack

Monyetta arrives, in a Mercedes McLaren no less, to meet a real estate agent. Ah, the perks of marrying well that’s right she didn’t even marry. I thought she was going to get a house. That car is a house on wheels for us little people, but she is just there to meet with the agent about a place to host an event, Heels of Greatness, to honor 25 influential women. She talks about the event and venue with her business partner, Khalilah. She wants to honor women though who she is honoring and for what isn’t really clear. She does want to honor Christina though.

Sheree and Torrei talk about the incident with Monica and Tameka. Sheree recounts that she asked Tameka who was saying that she was sleeping with people’s husbands. She says that Tameka don’t live in her pus**, so she shouldn’t go there with her. Sheree says that her best friend of 20 years is siding with Tameka. Torrei says that Monica is a frenemy. Sheree believes that Tameka thinks that she is better than everyone else. And in I need a broader vocabulary news, Sheree says, “You think your hair is the flyest, you think your clothes are the flyest, you think you got the flyest body. You really think you…fly.” Sheree calls Monica and Tameka two fake bitches.


Monyetta is getting ready for her event, Heels of Greatness. Ne-Yo shows up to support her. Sheree is the first to show up for the event. Monyetta says that she has a custom made dress for the event. Tameka shows up, and cuddles up to Sheree. No disrespect to people with actual disorders, but this women needs some meds. Monyetta is offended that Tameka calls Ne-Yo her BD (baby-daddy) and financier. I guess the truth hurts. According to Monyetta, Ne-Yo is there on her terms, and he will see the new Monyetta. Girl, please stop. A show of strength would be to get your own place, and start living life on your own terms. Didn’t Ne-Yo sing the song, Ms. Independent? Torrei shows up in her Camaro a traveling advertisement for skimpy mixers. Christina shows up, and all of the ladies are in place. Sheree raves about how nice everything is. Monyetta takes the stage, and she does look very beautiful. She honors Christina. We don’t see any of the other honorees. Their accomplishments, I guess, will stay forever unknown.

Sheree visits Monica. She talks about how Monica flaked on her. Monica says that she and Sheree know that she hasn’t slept with married men, who the hell cares what Tameka Raymond thinks. You Monica, that’s who, because you never say any of this to Tameka. Sheree cries and says to Monica that she really hurt her. Monica says that she has her back. Monica is feeding lip service that she is loyal. Monica adamantly denies telling Tameka anything except for the fact that you heard that Sheree slept with Usher. Monica plays a Jedi mind trick. Sheree believes her. Is Sheree slow? Or does she enjoy peace so much that she refuses to confront those who do her wrong?

The women meet at Tameka’s new house. Torrei and Sheree are late, probably preparing their attack. Once there, Tameka is already starting the jabs about some women who are too open. Torrei is the one who gets the party started by calling out Tameka for throwing jabs. Tameka denies this and Sheree says that she also feels like Tameka throws jabs. Sheree says that she feels that Tameka looks down on other people. Christina asks Tameka, “Do you think that you are better than us?” Tameka says, “I am the way I am.” Torrei tells her to just say, “Yes or no.” Tameka says that she is different. Someone says that Tameka has had a lot of loss. Torrei says that she has suffered loss too.   Torrei says that she is watching another women live the life that she built from the ground up before Kevin Hart ever hit a stage. Sheree says that Tameka pushes them away. Tameka says that she has been betrayed by friends. With friends like Greg the assistant, I see her point. Tameka, then says that she has to watch Sheree. All of the girls decide to leave because they do not want to get involved in a large argument. Tameka says that if she is the asshole then don’t point it out every day, that that’s just her. If she wants to walk around her house crazy with a tiara on, that’s just her. Sheree says that Tameka is narcissistic, glad we got past fly. Sheree says that Tameka used to fu** Usher, and that he don’t even like her ass no more. Sheree is crying and really upset over the incident while discussing what has just occurred.

Next Episode: Sheree confronts Tameka again, and Torrei confronts Monica about her failing to have Sheree’s back.


Recap Author: Tiffany L.

Photo Credit: VH1


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