Tameka Raymond Slams Kirk Frost; Is Disappointed By How She Was Portrayed On Atlanta Exes!

tameka raymond season 1 of atlanta exes black shirt

Tameka Raymond survived her first season of Atlanta Exes. And when I say survived, I mean Tameka Raymond instigated all the drama this season on Atlanta Exes and is now lashing out against viewer backlash! 

Tameka seems conflicted over whether or not the show portrayed her accurately, admitting that while her “snarky personality” shined through, her day-to-day life wasn’t represented. “I feel like the show focuses a little more on the conflict between the five of us as opposed to what we really do on a day to day. That kind of feels disappointing,” she admits. 

Responding to Kirk Frost‘s statements calling her crazy and a woman scored after her divorce, Tameka pretends Kirk doesn’t even exist. “Who?” she wonders. Oooohhh… icy, stonewalling, shade.”I really don’t know him. Let me just clear that up,” Tameka clarifies to VH1. “I was hoping that he was misquoted.”


“I met him when I was married to my first husband. That part of it was correct. We met, like one time at the studio, my ex-husband and I went to visit their studio and you know outside of that,” Tameka adds. “I’ve seen him out and it’s kind of like, ‘Hi and bye’. I don’t know him, I don’t know him, so that would be a misnomer. The other thing he said about me having a fight in the club…I never had a fight in a club. That’s not true.” So Kirk is… full of ish? No…

Furthermore, Tameka insists that for the most part she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her – except where are children or her mothering is concerned. “I do and have always shared joint custody with my ex-husband. It bothers me. I would hate for my kids to read that their mom doesn’t have custody and things like that. That burns me because that’s not true.”

Tameka says that presently she and ex-husband Usher have a “primary custody” agreement which means, “He can make tie-breaking decision in the decision making. Which means if we ever have a debate about something, he can make the final decision, like if we can’t agree on it. That’s all. That’s what we were fighting over for so long, that has been the source of the problem that he now has the final decision making power, but we share joint custody to this day. That never changed.” 

Speaking of Usher, apparently the exes are civil with each other. At least for now! “We’re definitely in a decent place. We’re not fighting or anything like that. But friends?” Tameka explains. “You know I think the words friends and love and are action words, and you show that by how you treat the other person, how you act. So calling us friends wouldn’t be truthful.”

Finally Tameka responds to comments that she looks like a man – and insists that also doesn’t bother her, because she likes to consider the source! “That comment is so old,” she dismisses. “It’s kind of cliché, ‘Let me diss her and say she looks like a man.’”

“I’ve never seen or heard one attractive person say it, so that’s the irony,” Tameka snaps. “Every time a person says something like that, and I see it, it’s always some knock-kneed…” 

Oh and by the way, despite accusations that she looks like a man – Tameka is dating! Single and loving it, but dating… 


[Photo Credit: VH1]