Porsha Williams Calls Out Kenya Moore’s Crocodile Tears; Porsha Says She Acts Like A Professional At All Times

Porsha Williams blog

If the thought of Porsha “No Peach For You!” Williams not blogging her way through season seven of the Real Housewives of Atlanta gives you a serious case of the sads, then you’ll be happy to know that Porsha Williams has found a new home for her blogs.

On the other hand, if the thought of Porsha writing about anything makes you cringe, then my apologies.

Porsha has teamed up with OK! Magazine to give her fans a weekly dose of Porsha’s Piece of Mind. This week, she bashed Kenya Moore, gushed over her new boobs, shared her thoughts on Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida, and preached about accountability.


About Kenya, Porsha said, “Honestly it saddens me that a woman of her age would still try to take shots at the same time as crying crocodile tears. Have we not learned anything? Here I am on the premiere doing a summer sale photo shoot for my hair extension line GoNakedHair and she is playing victim calling me ignorant and not smart.”

“I am thankful that I do learn from everything in life. Even though I do not feel a formal apology is needed I have taken responsibility for my action and will never again allow myself to be provoked or give a bully power over me. I’ve moved on. I hope at the end of the day all the faking and acting for the show will stop on her end because for me that’s the only way I’ll take her seriously!”

Porsha explained why she decided to get breast implants. Or, as she likes to call them, CoCo and Chanel. I’m. Not. Kidding. “I have always loved my body. Yes, at this point being 33 years young, I own who I am and all that it is. I’m a woman with curves and hips that don’t lie! So what’s wrong with a little more of me to love? I finally got my twins… I introduce you to CoCo and Chanel!”

About Phaedra not supporting Apollo, Porsha said, “I think Phaedra did what she could emotionally. Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to love someone from afar. You can love them, but learn to love yourself more. I do speak to Phaedra and my understanding was even though Apollo came across as if he didn’t see his children before turning himself in – Phaedra did take the boys to be with their father at such a crucial time in everyone’s life.”

“Do I think Phaedra should have gone to court? Hmmm… depends on how the relationship was prior to this entire criminal case. If the relationship was broken and I had been, as a wife, trying to cover you and save face then trust me, I would have to be in the courtroom with you in spirit and remain home maintaining the household as well as my young children’s well being. Did to some she come off as a tad cold? Yes. However, anyone who has been in a one-sided relationship would understand the need for tough love.”

Porsha ended her blog with a mini sermon on accountability. “The moral of this episode is to hold yourself accountable! Yes, we are human and fall short of His glory. However, if you choose to come out of a bad situation and own the wrongs you have committed then you run the risk of losing those you love and/or never making piece with a longtime foe. Stand in your truth. Most people want to forgive and mend relationships, but when you are living a lie unfortunately you leave no room for forgiveness and peace.”

Quote of the Day Bonus: “I’m a professional at all times, so in this case, I do whatever I have to do,” Porsha said about filming with Kenya. “Even if it meant being around someone like her.” Um, err, so Porsha physically attacking Kenya was her acting professional? I’m so glad I work from home! 


Photo Credit: Instagram