Is A Speidi Baby In The Near Future?

Heidi Montag

First comes love, then comes marriage…now is it time for the baby carriage? Well, for this couple, it was more like, first come reality villains, then comes crystals, then perhaps a Montag-Pratt bambino? Lord help us all!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt rose to fame on The Hills as a relatively normal, if not slightly obnoxious couple. However, once they got that first taste of notoriety, the pair continued to violate our television screens as the resident bad guys with a penchant for severe plastic surgery and glassy igneous rocks. They’ve been relatively quiet of late, but I’m not going to hold my breath that they stay that way, given that they’re scheduled to be on the upcoming season of WE’s Marriage Boot Camp. Could they be prepping to become a party of three?


Heidi seems to have contracted baby fever, according to her Instagram account. The twenty-eight year old posted a picture of an ovulation test, tagging a friend and her husband in the caption. She wrote, “I found this in the store! Thank you for the advice! Shhhh don’t tell @spencerpratt lol!”

A few days before her ovulation TMI, Heidi shared the above picture of her canoodling with another friend’s precious baby. Heidi gushed, “I couldn’t be happier!! Thanks for the best night @ashlmoore and sharing little Jupiter! #DoubleDate love you lady!”

It’s crystal clear (sorry, couldn’t resist), that Heidi wouldn’t mind welcoming a mini-Speidi, but is Spencer on board? In an interview with Hollywood Life that we blogged on last year, Spencer didn’t sound ready for fatherhood…and he actually sounded much more mature than one would expect. Spencer revealed, “I don’t think either of us have real careers. I look at families and the world and providing—right now we don’t have to worry about it. But to add on how to afford kids to go to private school, to have clothes, to go to college…I have no concept of how any of that stuff is possible!”

Spencer continued, To me that’s not real until we have a career and we can totally provide — it’s not fair to wing it. I don’t want my kid to be like, ‘Daddy, my friend’s dad’s a doctor, and my other friend’s dad’s an executive. What do YOU do daddy.’

I know I’ll regret saying it, but I may just watch a reality show focused on a Heidi and Spencer prepping for parenthood!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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