Jim Marchese Claims Dina Manzo Wanted To Watch Him Having Sex With Wife Amber! Do You Believe Him?


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jim Marchese has had some pretty jaw-dropping things to say since he signed on for the show, but today’s quote from The Jim takes the cake. 

Dina Manzo isn’t going to be a happy camper when she gets wind of the things that he has to say in a new interview.   Jim made some crazy accusations, including that Dina reportedly wanted to watch Jim and Amber having sex.  

Jim tells All Things Real Housewives that Dina has had such a strong reaction to him because “Dina is having a very difficult time and it’s very clear that she desires a relationship like the one I have with Amber. It was very clear from the first time we met – she had very sexually deviant behavior – even watching my son’s commercial [my 14 year-old son Michael shot that commercial for Mortgage Now and it was very tongue and cheek and funny] – and she [Dina] is talking about pornography.”

He drops his bombshell accusation, “Dina has actually asked to watch Amber and I engage in sexual congress. She is offended because we are not interested in her as a person like that we are not interested in her behavior and find it somewhat horrible. So it very much bothers her.” I don’t know, I can see Dina being sarcastic about the voyeur thing, but have a hard time wrapping my head around this being a serious request. 

Jim says Dina doesn’t get him because he’s intelligent and he doesn’t fall for her looks.  “I think me personally, I confuse Dina, because I am an articulate, intelligent man and yet she can’t bat her eyes at me and I don’t melt. You can tell she very accustomed to manipulate people by the way she looks and quite frankly she surrounds herself with dumb animals who will hump anything. So of course she wouldn’t understand someone like me who loves and respects his wife.”

I expect Dina’s outrage/denial/response in 3..2..1..

For the rest of the ‘truthbombs’ Jim drops, check out his full interview on ATRH.


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