Andy Cohen is gallivanting around the country this month as he promotes his newest book.  This week he’s in California and our recap writer Bonnie K. (Manzo’d with Children, Don’t Be Tardy, Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons) met up with him at one of the events, so we thought we’d share a little tidbit. 

Bonnie attended Andy’s signing event at the Castro Theater in San Francisco’s boys town area and it was a  totally sold out show. His good friend, actress Rashida Jones, interviewed him on behalf of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.

He mostly promoted his book and shared funny stories about Lady Gaga peeing in a garbage can backstage and then one of his production assistants turned it into perfume (it’s in a bejeweled bottle on a shelf in the Clubhouse behind the guests on the set).  She asked some personal questions about his life – how much his dog, Wacha has changed him to be a better person, etc. He then shared a few Housewives bits.  For example:  after season 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey all of sudden Teresa Giudice wanted to have her last name pronounced differently.  And he talked about the time when a husband called him to renegotiate his wife’s contract and Andy just completely shot it down.

When Bonnie met him she joked and told him she was naming her baby Andy (she is not really naming him Andy) and he spazzed!  She said it was adorable. 

A big thanks to Bonnie for letting us share her encounter! 

Are you planning to catch Andy at a signing event near you?  If you do – send us your story and we’ll try to share it on the site!  🙂



Photo Credit: Bonnie K.

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