Atlanta Exes’ Sheree Buchanan On Kris Jenner’s New Boyfriend: “He’s All About Power And Money”

kris jenner and new man corey gamble. Is he using her for fame?

Hold the phone! Did y’all know there are people out there who think the blossoming new love between pimp momager Kris Jenner and her younger beau Corey Gamble is anything less than true and pure? In fact, some naysayers think that this relationship only seeks notoriety and media attention. Seriously people, are we really that jaded?

I, for one, think there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a krazy kougar with a man who clearly wants women in the spotlight. It’s a match made in heaven…or at least Ryan Seacrest’s version of heaven. Of course, in the wise words of T-Swizzle (love her, don’t judge), the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Corey’s ex Sheree Buchanan, ironically (or not so much?) of Atlanta Exes, is speaking out about the pair’s tumultuous relationship. 


The Jasmine Brand is reporting on a recent interview that Corey’s rumored former flame Sheree gave In Touch Weekly. The reality star claims that Corey stalked her, and, in 2010, he even had a temporary protection order issued against him under Georgia’s stalking statute. Kontroversial…just what those Kardashian ladies love!

According to Sheree, long before Corey became Kris‘ love child of the last two months, he was stalking her in Atlanta. Sheree shares, “He would just show up at my house and come inside. I had to change my locks because he’d managed to somehow get a key.”

Court documents pertaining to the order allege that Corey bruised Sheree and grabbed her on one occasion. Sheree focuses more on Corey’s love of the spotlight. Did I mention the dude works for Justin Bieber’s agent? I can’t make up this stuff! Although working for the Biebs doesn’t necessarily mean that one is hungry for celebrity, I’m going to go ahead and say if you’re working for the Biebs and trying to sex up Kris Jenner, chances are you’re a fame whore. 

His ex agrees. Sheree concludes, “I know Corey. He’s all about power and money and will do whatever it takes to get it. He sees the Kardashians as media’s first family.”

Sadly they are. And we made them that way. Eeeek! 😉 


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