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Andy Cohen Explains Why He Thinks Kris Jenner Would Never Join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Earlier this week, the Kardashian/Jenner family announced that Keeping Up With the Kardashians would come to an end in 2021. That, like everything the famous family does, got mixed reactions on social media.

And so did an idea from some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers: Kris Jenner should join the show. She’s already made some guest appearances. She’s friends with Kyle Richards. She knows Lisa Rinna. Kris even has history with Faye Resnick. It could make sense. However, let’s take Denise Richards‘ experience as a cautionary tale. People who are already famous want to control their own narrative. There’s no chance in hell Kris would subject herself to the Beverly Hills Housewives. Yes, it could be a treat for the viewers, but Kris would have nothing to gain from it.

Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen weighed in on the possibility of Kris joining the cast during a recent episode of his radio show. According to Entertainment Tonight, Andy said, “I got so many DMs and tweets saying, ‘Kris should join the Housewives. She is good friends with Kyle. This should happen. Make it happen!’ And then I tweeted that I would be talking about it on the radio today, and I got a whole bunch of tweets saying, ‘Don’t do it.’ It’s so interesting to me.”

That’s the Kardashian/Jenner family in a nutshell though. Almost everything they do is polarizing, even hypothetical things that have no chance of actually happening.


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Still, Andy acknowledged that Kris joining the cast would be “a huge get.” He continued, “And by the way, she is already connected with the cast. She’s good buddies with Kyle. No joke, she knows everyone on the show. She is buddies with Rinna, I think.”

Nevertheless, Andy doesn’t think Kris would ever do it. Same here, Andy. Again, she has nothing to gain from this and everything to lose (see the Denise Richards cautionary tale for reference).


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Andy pointed out that Kris has had “total control over” Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He rhetorically asked, “Why would she leave and join a show that she has no control over? She wouldn’t be an executive producer of the show, she wouldn’t have control over the edits, so I think for someone who is used to having so much power over a show, I can’t see her surrendering that power.” Exactly.


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So what about Kris skipping the diamond and just making more appearances as a friend of the cast? Andy said, ” It would be a huge get, I really don’t think she would do it… I don’t think she would do it as a friend.”


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