Porsha Williams Says She Gave Power To Bully Kenya Moore


Porsha Williams stopped by The Real yesterday to talk about her hair extension line, her love life and her relationship status with Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kenya Moore. 

On dating, she took the Kenya Moore approach by giving a bit of a non-answer about whether she’s seeing anyone: “I go from one moment wanting to be in love and get married again.  And then somebody will do something and I’m like ‘you know what? I’m just dealing with Porsha’.”  I’m translating that as “No, I’m not dating.” 

Has she made up with Kenya Moore? She doesn’t exactly say straight up and instead talks about the reunion incident.  “I feel like at that moment, I gave a bully power. I’ve vowed to never let that happen again.  ‘I give you nothing.'”

Porsha’s thoughts on what Season 7 has in store for the viewers:  “I feel it’s about mending relationships or just trying to. A lot of soul searching, I think.”

On reporting the gossip on Dish Nation: “I do a segment on Dish Nation called ‘Porsha Exposed’ – they go through the internet and Google me and pull up whatever the rumor mill has about me.  I either set the record straight or laugh it off.” 

Porsha then played a game with the ladies “Are You Smarter Than A Housewife.”  You can all guess how that went…


Photo Credit: Twitter