Kyle Richards was Andy’s guest last night on Watch What Happens Live (along with the lovely Gabrielle Union).  Kyle addressed her daughter’s dog bite, Brandi Glanville’s dig over her party and more. 

On her relationship with sister Kim after Kingsley bit her daughter Alexia.  “My daughter is doing better, back at school after a month off. ”  Her relationship with Kim is better, “It was a bump in the road. It was a very emotional situation, Kingsley is very important to Kim and I don’t hold against her what happened in any way, shape or form, but it was difficult for our family absolutely.”

A caller asked what she though about Brandi’s slam, calling Kyle “self important” and thinking her party was the Vanity Fair Oscar party.  Kyle said that’s how Brandi rolls, “It’s not the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at all and I totally get that but she just wanted to look for any chance to trash anybody.  That’s what she does.”

Does Kyle think Lisa will ever give someone a full blown apology or will she always skirt around the issue? “I think only because Lisa is a perfectionist it’s hard for her to say ‘I’m Sorry’ because it means she made a mistake. I know she’s a good person and I think it’s just hard for her because she’s a perfectionist.”

A caller says it was a real turn off the way Kathy Hilton acted about Brooke’s dress.  “First of all, she’s the oldest sister, we lost our mother.  Kathy feels she has to sort of step in and be the mom to all of us. But we all do that to each other, depending.  But things can be misread.  She actually got lost that day and was driving around for two hours.  She’s opinionated and wanted to make sure her niece looked beautiful.”

The poll question tonight was whose side are you on: Lisa or Brandi.  Lisa got 75% of the vote.  Brandi Tweeted to Andy: “Lisa & I are much like @CynthiaBailey10 & @NeNeLeakes – Cynthia & I have found our voices but may never win 1 of ur polls xoxoB.” 

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