Mimi Faust

After last night’s conclusion of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, you can rest assured that the other franchises are going to be forced down on throats so Mona can keep riding the wave of ratchet popularity and strike when the iron is hot. Who am I kidding? I live for this stuff!

With the original member of the franchise premiering next week, we’ve got extended footage of your favorite past New York cast members and a veritable swarm of newbies. It seems everyone involved is ready to shock and awe as they prepare for the season while sharing their backgrounds…aka, why they are crazy enough to be on the show! Make sure to check it out after the jump! Of course, not to be outdone, Mimi Faust, the resident sex tape star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta certainly knows how to stay in the fray. Capitalizing on the hype surrounding the seasons transitioning, Mimi is speaking out about how Nikko Smith used her. *Eye roll* *palm to forehead* At least Ariane isn’t the kind of friend to say, “I told you so…” but I will!


S2S is reporting on an interview Mimi recently did with Madame Noire in which she admitted that she was never in love with her sex tape partner. The reality star reveals, “I describe it having fun, having a good time, just living my life. I was finally out of a situation that I was very unhappy with for many years. I was very unhappy with Stevie J.,” calling Nikko a “complete rebound.” 

Mimi continues, “In hindsight, 20/20 looking back, it was all bad. All wrong for me,” citing that she learned the slimy cartoonish Nikko was using her during a phone call. She remembers, 

“He just so happened to accidentally call my phone and he was with her, and I heard the whole conversation. She did say, ‘The only reason I’m seeing someone else is because you left me to go down to Atlanta to be with her for some money.’ My blood was boiling.”

While Mimi believes that Nikko’s intentions were less than pure, she still isn’t ready to accuse him of leaking their sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. She asserts,“I think he used me to get to where he wanted to be. I think he wanted to get his music out; he wanted to get his brand out there; he wanted to get himself out there and I was the platform to get him to where he wanted to be,” adding she doesn’t “know for a fact” that he had anything to do with catapulting the tape onto the interwebs. 

Having learned her lesson (so she says), Mimi doesn’t regret the tape, but she urges other women to be more careful with something so private. She advises, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making a tape with your partner…but the woman should always have the tape in her possession.”

Will anyone on New York’s upcoming season compare to the craziness and drama of the Atlanta people? Cyn is back, and she’s determined to be the positive force on the upcoming season, whether its mending her fences with Rich Dollaz or spreading her love for Chipotle. Newbies Diamond Strawberry (baseballer Darryl’s daughter) promises a pure heart (keep in mind she’s a sweetheart, y’all!) and a hefty amount of skin and violence, as well as a bunch of drama with her boyfriend Cisco. Precious Paris has overcome the odds of her upbringing to become a musician and video vixen who has worked with the likes of 50 Cent. She’s empathetic to Oprah. Yes, you read that correctly. She’s also creeped out by Rich…fair enough. Meet Diamond, Precious, and the rest of the crew in the video below!


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