Snooki Explains Absence Of The Situation And Vinny At Her Wedding

Snooki Wedding Rehearsal

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of the GTL. Sure, my gym is feeling inadequate when I only get 20% of my daily Fitbit steps while walking back and forth to the office copier with no other form of exercise. My tanning is of the spray variety, if at all…and that’s only for special occasions when orange is better than transparent. As for laundry, let’s not even go there. But I adore those kids of the Jersey Shore. I loved them when they were wasted fools making a mockery of everything Seaside Heights wanted to preserve, and I have enjoyed seeing them grow into actual normal(ish), successful adults.

That said, following Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s walk down the aisle with Jionni LaValle (who recently lost his license thanks to a DUI) has been a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love to see a true friendship like Snooki and JWoww’s that was born of reality television. It’s a true rarity…like a unicorn, or a decent, handsome, rich guy who opens doors, pulls out chairs, and pays my student loans. That said, there were some guests missing from Snooki’s nuptials. I don’t really care about the whereabouts of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but where, oh where was my precious Vinny Guadagnino? Sidebar: is it weird that I have to look up the spelling of “notoriety” (I just did again…always want to put an “a” in it) any time I want to use it, but “Guadagnino” is ingrained in my own personal spelling bee?


Snooki recently stopped by Access Hollywood to explain these two absences. I don’t think anyone was surprised that The Situation wasn’t at the wedding. He pretty much sealed his fate with her (and fans) when the crew was in Italy. Snooki reminds us, “I think everybody knows we’re not friends.” 

But what of my sweet Vinny? Remember? He and Snooki were besties! Sure, they may have diddled, and there was some back and forth crushing that never came to fruition because of timing, but I thought they’d always be friends. However, I was sadly mistaken. Snooki admits, “[M]e and Vinny, we don’t get along either… It is what it is.” Wait what? 

Regardless of the missing Jersey Shore cast mates, Snooki revels in her big day. She shares, “We had eight kids in the wedding. It was all the nieces and nephews and [daughter] Giovanna came down in a wagon which was really cute and [son] Lorenzo walked out before me.”

Snooki continues, “I’m a lucky girl. I knew he was the one and nobody else,” adding,”I cried a little bit. I thought I was going to cry a lot more. But I think I was more excited and ready to marry him.”

Now that Snooki & JWoww is ending, Snooki says she isn’t opposed to more reality. She tells Access Hollywood, “I wouldn’t say no, but I don’t want my family on it. I don’t want my kids on TV anymore,” concluding, “So, if they just wanted me, alright, I’ll play ball!”

She’s play ball, and I’d watch. I’m such a sucker for meatballs and guido juiceheads. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]