Sonja Morgan’s Bankruptcy Takes A Bizarre Turn – Sued By Her Ex-Husband For $6.2 Million!

Sonja Morgan

How does that old saying go, “If you marry for money, you earn every cent?” And if you marry an international banking dynamo, you probably won’t be earning any cents – or sense! Neither Sonja Morgan‘s bankruptcy nor her divorce will ever seem to be finalized as new court documents reveal her ex-husband John Adams Morgan is seeking a $6.2 million dollar judgement against her. Yikes. 

Sonja and her 83-year-old ex have a hearing scheduled for January 21st to meet in bankruptcy court because he believes the Real Housewives Of New York star owes him money from selling properties to satisfy debts related to her Chapter 11 bankruptcy and $8.1 million dollar creditor debt.  


Sonja is in hot water with creditors over a bad investment in a failed movie venture, which resulted in her filing for bankruptcy, which was challenged by creditors. The case has been on-going for years in court. Sonja was accused of stalling in her efforts to repay debts because she was supposed to be selling properties in St. Tropez and Colorado to earn money – she finally did sell the homes and handed off money, but now that’s being challenged by her ex! 

When Sonja and John divorced they owned homes in St. Tropez and Colorado. Sonja was awarded these properties with provisions – that if she sold the Colorado estate she was to pay her half of the mortgage debt (apprx. $3.5 million), plus a judge granted her 99.9% ownership of the French home. However when the properties sold last year, “JA” (John Adams Morgan is noted as “JA” in the court documents) challenged the validity of the monies earned, claiming Sonja actually has outstanding debts to him related to the homes.

The court sold the French property for Sonja for $5.7 million and no word on how much the sale was for her Telluride, Co ski house, but it was listed for $9.15 million. 

John is asking for a $6.2 million dollar settlement attesting that  he is entitled to $3.5 million for half of their Colorado property’s mortgage plus an additional $1 million reimbursement for money he claims he spent maintaining that property, plus he also wants $1,778,000 for his .1% share of the French home’s sale! DANG – the RICH are feisty with their money and will literally bleed a bitch dry in court!

Of course, Sonja is contesting this – as she should. Typing furiously from her crumbling town home on a 1958 Smith-Corona typewriter (color dusty mauve), glasses perched on her nose, and moth-addled pashmina wrapped around her for warmth – the heat must be kept low to conserve money – Sonja claims she so does not owe that man money!

Barking to an intern to warm up her tea in the toaster oven (color “Marsala” – she’s so above her time!), Sonja grabs the dictaphone to make a note for her first-year law student intern to note how the plumbing in Colorado was rickety-rackety for years and JA never fixed it despite her pleas, in addition there was the matter of the wild boars which he never exterminated because he kept insisting “wild boars” was just an expression Sonja used to describe her myriad of winsome lovers. Sonja sighs wistfully, oh how she misses being Mrs. JA, her hair whipping behind her from the mast of the Titanic-replica yacht they enjoyed, he watching her from his walker and she giggling in her pre-season Chanel gowns. The good old days, when they were both young of heart and spirit. 

I digress… 

Sonja claims her ex-husband is reading his math wrong and has filed claims that were “never recognized by the Divorce Decree” so she owes him nothing and is arguing to have the claims dismissed, however he in turn owes her lots and lots of moolah! 

JA Morgan cannot invent claims, post-divorce, merely because of a superseding bankruptcy,” her rebuttal states. She reminds her ex that she is responsible only for half of the Colorado mortgage debt – which she paid directly to the lender after the sale- but nothing further, including any money earned. It seems JA is claiming Sonja pocketed the money instead of satisfying her portion of the outstanding mortgage so now he’s saddled with it, so he wants the $3.5 million of her half? Sonja says he’s not cooperating in the process which would potentially release him of any mortgage debt. 

Sonja also accuses him of withholding monies earned on their French estate. Sonja was gifted the home by John (a judge awarded her a 99.999% interest “without any residual lien claim”in the divorce), but John continued renting the property out for years, post-divorce, but never gave her a dime of that income despite her controlling interest, which therefore nullifies any of his claims.

Furthermore Sonja attests that JA doesn’t have any documented proof to support his claims that he was maintaining the property, despite “numerous requests for itemized statements and tax records.” 

Sonja is also demanding an additional $4 million dollars from JA, because she never received a $3 million-dollar lump-sum “cash” settlement she was owed from their divorce, which was finalized in 2008, and which has since been accruing interest. 

One interesting disclosure in the documents – there was a $1.778.00 million-dollar lien against the French property as a result of a claim from a lawsuit in French court between Sonja and John. After the divorce, but while that suit was still being resolved, the judge ordered JA place the value of Sonja’s 99.9% interest of the property in an “interest bearing account” until the suit settled. And Sonja is entitled to interest on the escrow which will pay her monthly. Sonja claims that JA terminated his litigation against her and “never established any escrow” which would mean he actually owes her money related to the property. 

There’s a whole interesting passage about it, if you want to poke through the legal documents available at Radar Online. 

I’m no lawyer, but this seems frivolous on JA’s part. C’mon isn’t this guy like a billionaire? And Sonja is the mother of his child. Seems like he could just let his ex have some dignity and settle her bankruptcy


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