Love & Hip Hop Recap: Who’s Canceled?

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I don’t know about y’all, but I think this season of Love & Hip Hop is one of the most authentic and real examples of VH1’s reality show offerings. The Peter Gunz/Amina Buddafly/Tara Wallace love triangle? Totally believable! The relationship between Cisco and Diamond Strawberry? It’s the epitome of true romance! And Chrissy? Talk about the ultimate business woman! Mona, you have truly outdone yourself this time! Last night’s episode reconvenes with Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris fixin’ to get hitched in Vegas…except that Yandy just can’t do it. She tearfully explains her desire for a big wedding with family to the officiant, and Mendeecees seconds her assertions as the poor officiant cheerfully nods in the background. I never saw that coming! I truly thought they would be man and wife after last night. Meanwhile, Amina is working on a new album with her sister who is in town from Germany. I feel like the only thing genuine about this show is the talent. You know I’m right! Amina admits that she doesn’t really trust Peter and that he’s not around often. 

Erica Mean and Cyn are starting a business together, but Cyn is more involved with her girlfriend’s Instagram drama with Chrissy. Cyn isn’t buying Erica’s elusive attitude when it comes to why Chrissy is coming for her on social media. Speaking of being elusive, Diamond has finally arrived in New York, but Cisco isn’t quite ready to open his home to his new girlfriend. Instead, he’s found a friend who will let her crash at her place. No worries, though. He’ll be by to visit. That seems reasonable.


So, I love New York (the place, not the show…well, the show too. What’s up, Tiffany Pollard?). It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I always get excited when I’m watching one of these shows and I see a place I’ve actually visited. It doesn’t happen often as I’m poor and I don’t have a camera crew following me around to all the hot spots…yet. However, I’m actually cringing that I have, in fact, been to Babeland in the West Village. And, as sad as it sounds, my friends and I didn’t realize what it was until we were in the door. Of course, once inside, we were laughing and blushing and totally confused by some of the merchandise. Christian Grey would be so disappointed in me. TMI? Anyhoo, Yandy is meeting with Tara so they can dish on Yandy’s thwarted nuptials, Peter’s shadiness, and buy some toys. Tara tries to appear tough about keeping things at arm’s length with Peter for the children’s sake, but Yandy can see through her act. Tara would take Peter back in a heartbeat. 

Amina has arranged a double date so she and Peter can dine with Erica and Cyn. She’s hoping that Peter and Erica can squash their former beef that stemmed from Rich Dollaz. After mere seconds, bygones are bygones and Erica is offering to host a baby shower for Amina. Before they can make any shower plans, Amina has to do the obligatory maternity photo shoot. Unfortunately, Peter is missing in action, and Amina’s calls are going straight to voice mail. When he shows up several hours late, Amina is livid, but Peter feels the need to stand his ground. He can’t be at her beck and call 24/7. He needs to hustle. You can’t support eight plus kids if you’re constantly following around your latest baby mama. Duh.

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Diamond is getting a harsh lesson in the real world. She meets with her mom who is anything but supportive of her relationship with Cisco. In her mom’s defense, she did fly to New York to persuade her daughter to come home to Los Angeles. This guy clearly doesn’t want her in New York given that he won’t even let her come to his place until he gets “situated.” Diamond’s mom wonders if he needs to get another lady situated out of his apartment. Diamond is adamant that they will make things work, but her mom questions how Diamond’s daughter will fit in the mix. Um, well, Diamond hasn’t exactly told Cisco she has a child, and she’s a bit worried he’s going to leave her when he learns that she’s kept this tidbit of information from him. Isn’t the show claiming they’ve been together for two years? And he doesn’t know she is responsible for a six-year-old person? Diamond promises to send for her daughter once she gets settled in New York. #momoftheyear

There is trouble in paradise with Erica and Cyn when Cyn receives some scandalous lady love pics and videos of Erica and another woman. When Cyn confronts Erica, Erica thinks that her girlfriend is blowing everything out of proportion. The pictures and video are just from a party she hosted, and she’s expected to put on a little show. It’s not cheating if you’re getting paid, right? Across town, Rashidah Ali is having a shoe party (of course she is!), and I, for one, am happy to see that she’s given up on the Ronald McDonald hair. Cyn arrives in hopes of getting to the bottom of Erica’s issues with Chrissy. Chrissy is all ready to spill the beans. Even though Chrissy maintains that she was “allegedly” a madame, she shares that Erica used to be one of her working girls. Cyn is hurt that Erica hid this part of her life from her, and Chrissy warns her that Erica is bad news. 

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Can you believe Diamond’s mom? She actually threatens to tell Cisco that she has a granddaughter if Diamond doesn’t tell him first. Diamond is extremely huffy about this ultimatum, but she knows Cisco needs to hear the news of her daughter straight from her mouth. Over lunch, Diamond questions Cisco as to why she can’t know where he lives. She wants to relax and watch a movie at his house. She’s tired of doing it the car. Cisco reminds her that he can’t let her get too comfortable because he’s been hurt before. She needs to prove her loyalty before he can let her fully into his heart…and his house. Diamond decides this is the best time to come clean about her daughter. A human daughter…not the dog she always pretended she was talking to on the phone. Geez. Her poor daughter is going to see this one day. Cisco loses it. Diamond knows he has trust issues! She is screaming at him that he’s going to meet her daughter and they’re all going to be one big happy family even if it kills her. Cisco’s response? “You’re canceled,” before a table flip that would make Teresa Giudice only slightly proud.

It seems that Rashidah Ali is on this season just to host random parties, and she’s having another one. Two in one episode? It must be VH1’s Christmas present to us! Chrissy is determined to attend all these parties with an hairstyle which is worse than the last one we saw her sporting. Rashidah, who the show is touting as a “Stiletto Expert,” hopes that she can mend fences between Erica and Chrissy. Someone needs to tell Rashidah that she has horrible ideas. Erica is making old lady jokes, and Chrissy wishes they could take it to the streets. Rashidah is channeling her inner counselor as she goes back and forth between the ladies, but she isn’t able to broker a truce. Erica decides it’s best for her to bow out quietly, but Chrissy has other plans…a bitch slap and a hair tug before turning around and walking out of the event. Keepin’ in classy!

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Poor AminaPeter is being an absentee father and this baby isn’t even born yet! After getting stood up, Amina is extremely disappointed. Well color me shocked! He missed their date because he’s having a family meal with his ex Tara and their two boys. He proposes a family vacation, and Tara’s on board as long as it’s “just for the kids.” Some buy her a clue. In the biggest coincidence ever to hit L&HH, Amina happens to see the foursome dining outside, and she’s quick to interrupt. Great cliffhanger, Mona


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