cynthia bailey reacts to learning demetria mckinney is dating roger bobb

This season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is full of surprises for Cynthia Bailey! From her friendship with NeNe Leakes deteriorating, to Phaedra Parks marriage to Apollo Nida unraveling, to the addition of new Housewives like Demetria McKinney. Cynthia reflects on the latest episode and talks Phaedra and Apollo’s awkward moment and Demetria’s secret relationship to Roger Bobb

Demetria and I met a couple of years ago and have always been friendly. We have a few mutual friends and travel in some of the same social circles. We were never close until recently, so yes, I was very surprised to learn that she and Roger were dating,” Cynthia admits. “Let alone for 8 years! LOL!”


 “Peter and I met Roger Bobb about 5 years ago when we first moved to Atlanta. He is a great guy, and we have always shared an amazing friendship/business relationship, but never concerned ourselves with his personal life,” Cynthia continues. “Now that Demetria and Roger’s secret has been revealed, I am happy these two love birds no longer have to hide in their nests and are free to fly off into the sunset.” Yeah, of course. I’m sure Roger is getting right on that and has his Cheerio all ready to propose! 

Now onto the odd exchange between Phaedra and Apollo at Demetria’s party! “I did not think that it was awkward that Apollo showed up to Demetria’s event. Peter and I were told that all the ladies and their husbands were invited, which is why Peter came with me,” Cynthia explains.

“I had not seen Phaedra and Apollo together since the reunion, and they appeared to be very united as husband and wife,” Cynthia writes. “In the past, regardless of whatever issues may have been going on behind closed doors, in public (or at least when I have been in their presence) Phaedra has always carried herself as a loving and supportive wife. It was awkward to see her so uncomfortable.

Hmmm… not sure I believe all that, Cynthia! I totally think Phaedra had not told most of the ladies – exempting Kandi – what was happening in her marriage. However Apollo seemed to be filling Peter in plenty, and you know that gossip queen Peter was running home to tell Cynthia every juicy detail about Phaedra’s relationship! 

And, yeah, I’m sure Cynthia was really beside herself that Ms. Southern Belle’s slip was showing in public! 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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