Little Women L.A. Season 2 Premiere Recap: Whoa Baby

 Little Women LA Season 2

On tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Little Women L.A., the ladies argue for an entire boat ride, marriage & pregnancy is on everyone’s mind, Briana Mason faces health issues, and Terra Jole gets some shocking news.

Elena Gant and her husband charter a boat to get the ladies together to reunite. She’s trying to get pregnant, but after last season’s news that fertility may be an issue for her due to her form of dwarfism, she’s nervous. Elena comments that Christy McGinty and Traci Harrison think they’ll get pregnant first, but she thinks otherwise. She also doesn’t want Tonya butting her nose into her business like she did last season.

After getting married last year, Christy and Todd are enjoying life. Todd serves Christy breakfast in bed and they discuss the hard work (constant sex, according to Christy) they’re doing in trying to have a baby. Todd doesn’t want Christy to talk about their pregnancy “work” with the other girls, but Christy’s got a fire in her eyes that says, “I’m going to tell people I’m pregnant whether it’s true or not!” So, good luck with that, Todd. Last season we learned that Todd tragically lost a child in his previous relationship because the baby was born with “double dominancy,” a condition 25% of children with dwarfism risk, and which is fatal. He’s understandably cautious about having another baby and it’s sad to watch his very real pain mixed with Christy’s shallow need for attention. I hope she cools her heels in pot-stirring for his sake, at least.

Terra and Joe show up at the boat first and Terra reports that while they’re still happily living together, they’re not engaged. Elena says that since Joe’s stopped flirting with her (bad Joe!), she and Terra have become close friends. This is a big turnaround from last season, during which these two were at total odds. Elena also says that Christy never calls her and has distanced herself from the group since she’s married Todd.


Newly-married Traci and still-single-but-dating Tonya Banks show up next. Traci hasn’t seen the girls since her wedding (to Erik), to which Christy was purposely not invited. Briana did not come to Traci’s wedding either and Traci is upset about that, not understanding why she dissed her. Briana interviews that she & Christy have become best friends now (what!?), but they don’t see much of Elena anymore. As Briana & Christy board the yacht, planting themselves down right beside Traci, the tension begins. Looks like allegiances have not just been muddled, they’ve completely done a 180 degree turn since last season.

Briana is confronted immediately about why she didn’t come to Traci’s wedding and she says she felt like she had “asked” for an invitation in the first place, so it wasn’t really a priority. She had another wedding to go to too. Tonya calls her a b*tch outright, but Traci doesn’t flinch and just says she’s been overwhelmed dealing with some personal (possibly medical?) stuff. The women press her for a better answer, but she clams up. Traci feels like Briana didn’t come because Christy wasn’t invited, which may be true because Terra claims that during the wedding weekend Briana was Instagramming pics of her daughter & her at the beach without a health/personal problem in sight. Ah, Instagram! Foiled again!!

Briana and Christy flee the scene to talk about what’s really going on with Briana. Briana has been struggling with spinal compression and gastrointestinal issues, which she says are typical problems little people deal with as they age. She feels like it’s unfair being called a bitch when people don’t know what’s really going on with her health. Making matters immediately worse, Briana gets a bit too tipsy and pukes in the boat bathroom. Where’s Instagram now, huh? Christy says she’s been feeling queasy too, hint-hint! UGH. She insinuates to Briana that she might be pregnant (does this woman have no respect for her husband!?). Todd is sitting right beside her seething in silence over Christy’s obnoxious behavior. Last season, it was a race to the altar, this season it’s a race to the pregnancy. Based on her wedding behavior last season, one can only imagine the absurd and shit-stirring tactics Christy will employ to make it to the finish line first.

OK, back to Traci’s wedding. The ladies all start calling out Briana for going to the beach the day of Traci’s wedding and lying about being sick. Briana doesn’t fight back, instead letting Christy fight her battle for her. Christy interviews that a line has been drawn in the sand and now it’s she & Briana against everyone else. That seems pretty accurate. Too bad Briana hitched her wagon to Christy’s because that wagon leads to no friends and revoked invitations. Wake up, girlfriend.


Later that week, Terra and Elena take Traci to a sex shop. Now that Traci’s married, she & Erik can finally get in on, but Traci feels awkward talking about her sex life, let alone looking at whips & chains. The ladies move on from sex talk to Christy talk. They think Christy is lying about insinuating she’s pregnant, which…she IS. Good call, ladies.

Over on Team Briana/Christy (Bristy?), the ladies head to a frozen yogurt shop, which Briana reports is not little people friendly due to the high reach of the yogurt handles and toppings bar. Not to be stopped, they grab chairs and build their sundaes like the bad ass bosses they are. I love these women for taking charge of every challenging situation they face. Go team Bristy! They discuss the boat trip from hell. Briana seems depressed and defeated about the whole thing. Christy says she shares the same spinal compression issues that Briana is suffering from, which has also caused numbness in parts of her body. She encourages Briana to opt for surgery before things get worse.

Since last season, Terra’s been developing her first solo album which includes her single, Booty Bee, she released last year. She’s in the studio discussing the album with her producer, who says Miley Cyrus wants Terra back on tour with her for a year. Terra isn’t sure she wants to commit that kind of time or leave her album half finished before she goes, but doesn’t want to waste an opportunity either.

Terra is also freaked out because her period is late, so she takes a pregnancy test. WHOA! She’s pregnant!!!! Plot twist!! Terra is afraid to tell Joe, especially after he tells her his band is going on tour for a month. She stays silent during his news and interviews that she’s scared to tell him, but knows she has to. Aww, man. My heart goes out to her. But if they’ve been together 7 years, then what’s the problem with sharing this news? The problem seems to run a lot deeper than tour schedules, it seems.

Not-pregnant-Christy (who is going to go absolutely bananas when she finds out Terra is pregnant) meets with Traci for lunch to lay the smack down about Traci “attacking” Briana over not coming to her wedding during the boat ride. Christy spills the beans about Briana’s health problems, specifically reporting that Briana can’t control her bowels with her recent numbness/spine issues, so she couldn’t come to the wedding. Traci correctly points out that Christy shouldn’t be taking her to lunch explaining this, Briana should. And Briana would likely be horrified to know Christy told Traci such a thing, even in the name of friendship. Traci doesn’t buy the excuse anyway, claiming that as little people, they all have spine/numbness issues, but it doesn’t stop her. Since this is reality TV, Christy of course accuses Briana of being a “bully.” Traci calls Christy a bully right back and walks out of the restaurant. For godsakes, when will this word stop being used for anything less than true bullying, which all of these women have experienced firsthand (as discussed last season)?

On the beach, Terra meets up with Elena and confesses that she’s pregnant and Joe doesn’t know. Elena seems truly happy for her, which is very sweet. They discuss how to approach Joe with the news, which again begs the question of where Terra and he stand in this relationship.

Terra finally decides to tell Joe at home by whipping out the pregnancy test itself and handing it to Joe. His response is to say, “How!?” then “We can’t raise a kid!” Well, that was nice, Joe. No wonder Terra had reservations about telling him. Terra looks crushed, but keeps it together while Joe basically just sits behind his drums like jerk, not hugging her or even consoling her in her worried state. Wow, what a champ.

Season Two previews reveal the ups and downs of Terra’s pregnancy, more drama at the hands of Christy (of course!), relationship bumps for Tonya, and even some tussles between the guys. Uh-oh. Can’t wait!


Recap Author: Erin M.

Photo Credit: Lifetime