Andrea Edwards Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Season 2 Premiere Recap: Skeletons In The Closet

Your favorite couples from Love After Lockup are back again for their next chapter. This time, it’s all about their Life After Lockup. We have two love triangles this season, so this should be good. Michael Simmons is still stuck in the middle of Sarah Simmons and Megan J. It’s even worse now though. There’s a second child in the picture! Someone clean up this man’s life.

The other hot love triangle is with Lacey, Shane, and John. She married Shane last season on Love After Lockup, but the drama is far from over. John is still not entirely out of the picture. This is another woman who knows how to play the game and play these men. She’s good at what she does. Plus, Tracie Wagaman is headed back to prison. It looked like her life was back on track, but OOPSY. 

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Life After Lockup

YAAAAAS. I love a good Sip and See! Andrea Edwards friend just had a new baby girl, so now everyone gets to gawk at her. That’s always fun.

Andrea thought Lamar Jackson was going to give her the life of her dreams. That’s not how that went. She hasn’t sen Lamar since he ditched her in Utah.

She’s living in Utah still, but he’s back in Los Angeles. Petition to get Andrea to be one of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I would stan that decision so hard.

Her friends think it’s really unusual that they’re living in separate states. I mean…. DUH. How does that even work? Not the most conventional marriage that’s for sure.

Andrea is keeping a big secret from her friends though. She didn’t want anyone to know. Apparently, her youngest daughter is Lamar’s. I AM SO CONFUSED.

If they couldn’t have a conjugal visit, how is that even possible? Someone start explaining this to me. My mind is running rampant with so many possible ways this went down. All of which gross me out.

THEY HAD SEX IN THE PRISON CLOSET! That kind of grosses me out, but live your best life girl. If you get that itch and have to pay for it, that’s on you. I shouldn’t judge. I mean, I’m definitely judging regardless, but I don’t want to be rude.

Angela & Tony

Angela Life After Lockup

Angela burning all of Tony’s stuff he gave her is so iconic. It’s about time she comes to her senses. I don’t know how she let this man play her for so long.

OBVIOUSLY he was cheating. Why is she so naive? Angela went through Tony’s phone and inserted his SIM card. She caught him completely texting with other women.

OOF. Angela is big mad. To make it worse, it looks like he was banging prostitutes! SAY WHAT? Cheating is one thing, but he cheated on Angela with a whole prostitution ring! WAIT WHAT?

Tony has no idea that Angela knows any of this. Holy s**t. He is in for one rude awakening when he sees Angela again. Angela kind of scares me, so I wouldn’t want to f**k with her.

Tony finally arrives home, and Angela sits him down for the big confrontation. She tells them it’s all over. The engagement. The living arrangement. EVERYTHING.

After all she’s done for him, it’s so gross the way he’s done her so dirty. He has nowhere to go, so Angela does the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. She calls the girl he was talking to and tells her she’s sending Tony to live with her. CLAPS FOR DAYS. Applause for Angela.

She’s coming a little unhinged and starts physically touching him. This is escalating. He can’t legally live anywhere else though. This is his parole location. She doesn’t give two f**ks. STICK IT TO THIS MAN. FINALLY.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Life After Lockup

Lacey and Shane are still going strong in their marriage. I’m kind of surprised to hear that. He seems like a random boy toy for her to screw around with until she got bored.

They’re moving in together finally, and they want to have a baby. That’s important and all, but can we talk about the doctor? She looks so shook at everything they’re saying. I love everything about her. Her reactions give me so much life, and I’m obsessed.

Lacey wants Shane to get a real job, but he says it’s hard. She’s getting surgery to reverse her tubes being ties. Obviously that comes with risks, so they’re exploring other options.

Shane has no idea what any of this stuff is about. His questions are so clueless. He’s so young and doesn’t seem to get it. Why is this a thing? This is a horrible idea.

Lacey doesn’t know if Shane’s ready for a baby, and I’m with her. He is way too emotionally insecure for this. There’s so much that he hasn’t done in life. He’s literally drinking in the morning while they’re trying to move. Is this someone that should be bringing a new life into the world?

They fight over his lack of respect for the movers. Also, Lacey exposes that she paid for the entire house herself and that he does nothing.

John reaches out to Lacey and cries about how much he still loves her. She’s worried about him but can’t get in touch with him. That’s kind of scary. If he’s that upset about not being with her, it could be something serious.

Lacey’s nervous that John has gone back to using drugs. It’s a little odd watching Lacey frantically try to contact John while Shane tells the movers how excited he is. Lacey still can’t cut the cord. She still has herself placed firmly in the middle of two men.

She does seem really worried about John. However, this concern for John could really screw up her marriage to Shane. Yet again, Lacey is playing another dangerous game of cam girl in the middle.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Things are so much better for Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago than they were last season. There’s a much lighter energy surrounding their marriage. Brittany is pregnant, and I’m genuinely excited for her.

They’re one of the only couples on this show that seem somewhat stable. They’re basically the least likely to get divorced in my opinion. They were using birth control, but things happen!

That must suck though. Imagine being the less than one percent couple it happens to. Has that happened to any of you watching?

They don’t want to know to know the sex of the baby, so that’ll be a fun surprise. This is technically her fifth baby, but the first two went up for adoption. It’s painful for Brittany, but she’s in a much better place these days.

I suspect this new baby will have a whole lot of live in his or her life. They also have FULL custody of her five year old son. His father seemed like a volatile person, so I’m happy to hear that. Looks like they have their hands full. Good luck!

Her oldest son is so excited to be a big brother again. I love how thrilled he is. He already has so much love for the new baby. What a cute thing to witness.

Megan, Sarah, & Michael

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Michael is still stuck on this idea that Megan cheated on him. Even if she went all the way with his friend, does he realize hes’s a hypocrite?

He gets a phone call from a third woman while on his way to Megan’s. That’s next level sketch. SO GROSS. It’s hard to feel bad for these women though. They know who and what he is, and they still dive in. Give me a break ladies.

Michael visits with Megan and apologizes for the wrong he did to her. She calls him out for being a player, so this is some growth. I doubt she’s going to leave him. However, this is a level of self awareness that she didn’t have last season.

Megan doesn’t want to gloss over the issue. There’s a lot of distrust there. Michael wants her to have an open mind, but there aren’t any actions to back up his words.

Michael and Sarah’s new baby is ADORABLE. That can’t be denied. Sarah and Michael are legally separated, but still married. I’m sure this has taken a toll on her life, but she keeps it going.

Their oldest daughter tries to call Michael, but there’s no answer. Why is he such an absent father? Is chasing after Megan and other random girls worth not being in his kids lives?

Their daughter and Sarah reenact a scenario that is so heartbreaking. She acts out a role in which she is on the phone with her father saying how much she misses him. It’s both cute and gut-wrenching at the same time. What a confusing situation this must be for this innocent little girl.

Sarah reveals that Michael contributes nothing to the girls’ lives, and she wants answers. She can’t get in contact with him at all. Answer your family bro!

Megan and Michael meet up with her friend who is very upfront and protective over her. Her friend has read Michael for filth in the past, so this is going to be fire. He straight up asked if he was still married to Sarah, and Michael explains everything.

Her friend is like “How do I know if you’re lying or not?”  I’m living for this. B is EVERYTHING. It’s true though. Michael has such a history of being a liar.

There’s really no reason for Michael to be trusted. Why should anyone believe anything Michael has to say? HE IS STILL TALKING TO OTHER WOMEN.

B says he will get to know Michael but believes he’s still talking to other girls. Excellent intuition. That’s exactly what’s happening here.


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