Former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Gretchen Rossi is no stranger to rumors of fake storylines, but it definitely hits a nerve with her.   Last night Gretchen posted the photo above and shared “Me and my sweetie tonight @sladesmiley.” 

One of her followers blasted her on Instagram, writing, “They made all the wedding bs up for the show that’s why she was fired bc she just did it for a story line.”

Gretchen wasn’t taking the diss lying down.  “haha! You couldn’t be more wrong! We have been together for six years now and even after we left the show, so you can suck my right pinky toe! People like you that say shit look that clearly have never found true love like we have and I’m sorry for you. Take care and good luck.” 

She then added, “oh and just for your info the show asked us to get married on TV and we declined because it wasn’t the right time for us, we never did anything just for the show.” 

You do have to wonder why these two still haven’t walked down the aisle after all this time of dating and being engaged.  Maybe Gretchen doesn’t want to share checking accounts with anyone, unlike our Cynthia. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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