Jenelle Evans Insists Nathan Griffith Paid For Her Engagement Ring; MTV Filmed The Proposal! – Photo

Teen Mom 2 Nathan and Jenelle

Jenelle Evans just got engaged and she is taking a lot of heat over questions of just how El Jobless One Nathan Griffith was able to purchase the pricey Tolkowsky diamond ring. 

Of course everyone immediately suspected MTV either paid for the ring or Nathan used the Teen Mom 2 star’s MTV money to buy it because generally unemployed people with three children to marginally support cannot afford diamonds that cost upwards of $4,000! Especially when you add court and legal fees to the bills they have to pay. 

Of course, unemployed people generally don’t go on luxury vacations to St. Thomas with a group of friends, either! The Jenelle insists that Nathan both bought the ring himself and also paid for Jenelle, and 2 of their close friends to be in St. Thomas for the totally unplanned and impromptu proposal! 


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Jenelle Evans' engagement ring from Nathan Griffith

Jenelle’s engagement ring! 

I’m not sure I believe this little tale of Nathan paying for everything, because Jenelle posted a photo on instagram where the MTV camera crew is clearly filming the proposal! 

jenelle evans proposal from nathan griffith filmed by MTV

“We went to a fancy restaurant, and we were just going out to have a nice dinner,” Jenelle revealed of the “intimate proposal” between her beloved and a camera crew! Nathan “stood up in front of the whole restaurant, and made this big speech, how he loves me, he wants to be with me for the rest of his life. And he’s really happy. And then he got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone.”

Yeah. real amazing and special. With Nathan’s IQ of 6, how did he manage to write that speech – probably stole a stack of Hallmark cards and did a copy & paste. Furthermore, love how these recovering addicts are du-duh-drinking! 

“I was completely shocked. I think I had an idea he would probably propose to me here, but I didn’t know when during the week he was gonna do it,” Jenelle gushed to MTV. “And I didn’t know what was gonna happen or anything. So it was like expected, but unexpected.” How sweet. So that means we’ll be seeing the proposal on TM2 and it probably also means TM2 season 7 will be happening so we can see Jenelle and Nathan’s wedding … if they make it that long without killing each other. 

Now go back to treating your mom like ish, ignoring your kids, and spending money you don’t have living the high life, but on the positives please continue to stay out of jail! 


[Photos: instagram & MTV]