jenelle evans and nathan griffith get engaged during st. thomas vacation

Jenelle Evans will become Mrs. Griffith! I mean, if things go a lot less dramatically than all her other relationships. Jenelle just announced on instagram that she is engaged to Nathan Griffith

Aaaaahhhh… the tragicomic love story of Jenelle and Nathan has played out on both Teen Mom 2 and Twitter – these are the disasters of our lives, like tweets through the jobless hours of the day.

Nathan, a rage-a-holic, deadbeat dad, 3-time DUI-er with a criminal record and a drinking problem, and former underwear model shacked-up with Jenelle, her slew of legal problems, and her MTV cameras and immediately quit his job to start controlling her life. At that time Jenelle was still married to Courtland Rogers (their divorce is now finalized). 


The two have had lots of ups and downs in their relationship – including both parties spending time in the slammer – and numerous feuds with Jenelle’s mother. Nathan and Jenelle both came into the relationship with children they are not raising, so naturally they got knocked up and welcomed son Kaiser into the world. While Teen Mom 2 is filming, the two whisked away to St. Thomas (likely on MTV’s dime) where Nathan proposed over dinner! I’m sure we’ll be seeing the proposal during the upcoming season. Lucky us! 

Jenelle Evans' engagement ring from Nathan Griffith

Jenelle announced the news with a photo of the ring captioned, “Oh man! someone’s engaged!” The two recovering addicts have been enjoying drinks (nonstop), sand, and surf while in St. Thomas. I’m sure Nathan bought Jenelle’s ring with her MTV paycheck, because el jobless one couldn’t afford it otherwise. Jennie bragged on twitter that “Tolkowsky diamonds aren’t cheap!” She would know… 

Of course, Jenelle also managed to find time during her vacation to fight with her mom Barbara Evans on twitter because Jenelle’s sister is pregnant. “My mother has forgotten I’m her daughter,” Jenelle complained. Followed by, “I’m pretty much convinced I was adopted.” Did we mention Babs is watching Jenelle’s kids while she and Nathan are on vacation?

Despite some minor, issues Jenelle has seemed to have gotten herself marginally together since giving birth to Kaiser. She’s returned to school, toned down the drama, and is spending a lot more time with Jace. Nathan also seems to be spending more time with his daughter Emery. And Jenelle hasn’t gotten arrested in what… months?

Congratulations Jenelle and Nathan – can’t wait to see the wedding MTV throws for you guys! Hopefully they’ll be able to schedule the wedding in between Nathan’s trial for a felony DUI and likely mandatory prison time since it’s his third offense! 


[Photo Credits: instagram]

jenelle evans and nathan griffith in st. thomas

Jenelle and Nathan vacationing in St. Thomas

jenelle evans engagement ring from nathan griffith

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