On last night’s episode of Little Women LA, Briana Mason helps her daughter with bullying issues at school, Tonya Banks takes her boyfriend to task after hearing some unsettling information from Briana, and Terra Jole finally announces her pregnancy to the group – not all of whom are happy about it.

We pick up where we left off, with Terra telling Joe she’s pregnant and Joe acting like a royal ass about the news. Joe finally admits it’s exciting and that he’s happy, though. Good job, Joe! They kiss and make up. Terra is relieved.

Briana takes her daughter Leiana grocery shopping, which is a feat in itself. Leiana is so cute climbing into the cart to help her mom reach the higher shelves! Recently Leiana has been getting picked on at school. Some little punk has been pouring water on her and Briana’s heart breaks to hear this news. My heart hurts for them both – I can totally relate, having a 4-year old girl myself who’s dealt with a bully this year at her preschool. I can only imagine the heightened worry that Briana feels because Leiana is a little person too.

Tonya and her boyfriend Trevore (who she met at speed dating last season) go to lunch to discuss Tonya meeting his mom on an upcoming trip to LA. Tonya admits she’s scared and wonders if his mom knows that she’s a little person. Trevore also proposes Tonya moves in with him. Tonya wants to pump the breaks on all of this commitment talk, so we’ll see how this goes.

Christy McGinty meets Briana to talk about Leiana’s recent troubles in school. Briana explains that Leiana has a form of dwarfism called hypochondroplasia, which doesn’t carry the stand-out features of achondroplasia (larger head, larger buttocks, etc…). Briana hoped that Leiana’s form of dwarfism, whose main feature is smaller limbs and shorter stature, wouldn’t bring her as much bullying as Briana suffered in childhood. Christy shares that she was bullied mercilessly in kindergarten and she encourages Briana to tell Leiana that she has dwarfism. Briana has been hesitant to tell her daughter she’s “different” and is petrified about how much more bullying awaits Leiana down the road. Christy told her children early on that they had dwarfism and Briana admits it’s time for her to tell Leiana too. Briana doesn’t want Leiana to feel different. Christy wisely says, “But we are different”…which seems tough for Briana to hear, but can be a positive way to look at it too. Even with all of its drama, this show is bringing some real issues – and hopefully healing and awareness – to the table.  

Now, back to the drama! Terra, Tonya, and Traci Harrison go shopping and Terra invites all of the girls to a potluck at her house, where she wants to share the pregnancy news. Tonya is having reservations about Trevore’s frantic push to move their relationship to the next level. Her main concerns with him are in the sexual department. Seems as if our man Trevore does not “go downtown” enough – or at all, apparently – and Tonya is sexually frustrated. She also says he’s a bad kisser. Damn. That’s just a deal breaker, girl. Traci looks like she’s going to have an aneurism listening to all of this “downtown” talk. Meanwhile, Briana has been texting Tonya that she has news about Trevore that she wants to share in person. Terra interviews that she knew Trevore was a slime bag from the moment she met him. (Last season he drooled all over other women at Terra’s video shoot while Tonya sat nearby, humiliated.)

Christy and Todd go shopping to get Christy’s teenage daughter Autumn a onesie. She hopes finding a onesie for a dwarf isn’t impossible. (ßThat’s a sentence you don’t type every day!) Christy tries some on, then of course moves to the infant section and talks about babies, babies, babies. Todd is still trying to rein Christy in with all of the pregnancy talk, telling her there’s a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Preach, Todd! Preeeeeeeech!

Tonya meets Briana for lunch where Briana drops a bombshell on her about Trevore. Apparently, Trevore’s been secretly Facebook messaging/calling Briana to inform her Tonya’s given her blessing for Trevore to date Briana if things don’t work out with Tonya. Who are these brainiacs who try to cheat with their girlfriend’s FRIENDS on the same TV SHOW!? I-don’t-go-downtown-Trevore is in deep doo-doo now. Tonya’s ready to confront him, but first she has to meet his mom.

Elena Gant and her husband Preston have been trying to have a baby, but Elena is having second thoughts. Since her conversation with Terra, Elena’s had a reality check about being ready for kids. She doesn’t want to give up her career just yet, but Preston seems disappointed.

Over at Tonya’s house she gets lunch laced with arsenic sauce ready for Trevore and his mom. Trevore’s mom seems to be in the dark that her son is even in a relationship, period, and focuses mainly on her food rather than the awkwardness at hand. Trevore starts mouthing off about being “independent” and not wanting women telling him what to do (where did this all come from, btw?), so Terra decides it’s time to open a can of whoop-ass. She point blank asks him if he’s trying to date Briana behind her back. Trevore, of course, calls Briana a liar. Because that’s what lying liars do: call other people liars when their own lies are exposed. Trevore’s mom suggests that just mayyyyybe they should have this conversation in private, but no dice. It’s on now, mama! Mom decides to leave while Trevore accuses Tonya of ruining lunch. Tonya interviews that only guilty people get this heated when accused of the truth. She calmly states, “We’re done” as Trevore loads his mom into the car and drives away. Well, Trevore. Nice knowing ya. Good luck on the speed dating scene! I hear it’s downtown.

Briana is home with Leiana and decides to tell her the truth about being a little person before bedtime. It is an unbelievably touching scene. Leiana says she understands that she won’t grow very much and hopes to be as tall as her mommy one day. OMG – this scene is breaking my heart with its endearment and Leiana’s adorable cuteness. Briana knows that the journey ahead for Leiana will be long and tough. She just hopes that people’s cruelty doesn’t overshadow the love she has around her. Leiana is ready to go to school tomorrow and stand up for herself if anyone questions her size. #leianarules #cutestgirlever

It’s the night of Terra’s potluck. Elena comes over for moral support. Terra wants to reveal her pregnancy to the girls by handing out cupcakes with little plastic babies and rattles perched atop them. Here’s hoping Christy doesn’t stab someone with one of those plastic babies when she hears the news. Tonya comes over and tells the girls about her crazy-ass lunch with Trevore and his mom. She seems relieved, as do they all, to be rid of his punk ass.


Uh-oh! Here come the cupcakes. Terra brings them out and Christy starts grilling everyone around her with, “Are you pregnant!? Are YOU pregnant!?” Until Terra nervously announces, “I’m pregnant.” The freeze-frames of Christy and Traci’s reactions do not reveal loving and supportive facial expressions. They both look like they want to puke/punch someone/scream. Nice support, ladies! Traci starts bawling, which is just messy and uncalled for considering this is a moment to support Terra, not sit in her own pile of self-indulgent poop.

The group starts asking Terra whether she and Joe are going to get married, but she deflects the questions. Shockingly, Christy takes the news on the chin and congratulates Terra while Traci falls apart. Traci drags her sorry self to the car where her husband Erik consoles her on the “bad” news. It’s becoming clear that Traci is not OK with any humans in her friend-universe 1) getting married or 2) having babies at the same time as her. Well, this is going to be one tough world for Traci if she’s going to turn on her friends every time they simply live their lives. More to come on everyone’s pregnancy and relationship statuses next week!  

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