Sheree Whitfield Loses Big In Ex-Husband Bob Whitfield’s Bankruptcy!

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Sheree Whitfield cannot catch a break, which is why she’s BROKE! As I’m sure you’re well aware She By SheBroke is always in debt to someone or dealing with some sort of financial shenanigan, yet she always perseveres and remains hopeful that she’ll land that enigmatic 7-figure divorce settlement from her ex Bob Whitfield

Well, you ain’t gonna get no check boo! It turns out Bob filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2011, claiming while his assets were worth a total of $1.07 million he had over $600,000 in liabilities – including the former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star! Bob told the courts that he was living off NFL disability checks from his many years as an Atlanta Falcon and earning only $3,455.00 per month.


After attempting to do a reorganization and get on a payment plan to pay-off debts without sacrificing his assets, Bob’s financial mess became insurmountable and was converted to a Chapter 7, necessitating liquidating some assets. 

Bob was able to sell-off two homes (no, not the permanently in limbo unfinished Chateau Sheree!) and pay off $600,000 in debt. As a result the trustee decided Bob could retain ownership of his primary Georgia home, firearms “hobby equipment” (whatever that is?), automobiles, and other valuables because they were worthless to the court. 

Well all of that is good for Bob, but bad, bad news for Sheree! Sheree and Bob have long been at odds over finances – their contentious divorce was ruled by sleazy maneuvers and then a long drawn-out lawsuit fighting the prenup, followed by more time in court for unpaid child support. They even turned to Iyanla to fix their lives.

On January 12th the trustee filed papers deeming the case finished and all issues resolved, stating that after Bob sold the homes and other assets, and discharged some debt there was $171,500 remaining to divide among other outstanding creditors. 

Among Bob’s creditors were Wells Fargo Bank, the IRS, the Georgia Department of Revenue, and Sheree! Wells Fargo was owed $400,000 and will not receive a penny. Meanwhile the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue will be paid the full $38,000 Bob owes. However, Sheree, who petitioned that Bob owed her more than $138,000 in “domestic support obligations” will not receive a cent from Bob’s estate!

Jasmine Brand believe the reason Sheree was not entitled to a claim in Bob’s bankruptcy cites from a 2012 deal Sheree and Bob worked out in Georgia Family Court. In that deal Bob paid her a lump sum of $75,000 along with $1,000 per month in support for one year, then Bob would owe Sheree $2,142 per month afterwards. The support would change when Sheree and Bob’s kids turned 18 – not sure how old they are now. 

As for Sheree it appears she is out of luck and unable to appeal the claim because the trustee requested that a judge close Bob’s bankruptcy. I thought Bob owned a fairly successful recording studio – am I wrong? Did he sell that? Also, does Sheree have a job yet? And did she ever pay the IRS?


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