Sheree Whitfield On WWHL Recap: Please Check Her Boo!


Last night Sheree "She By SheBroke" Whitfield made her return to Bravo on WWHL. I am pleased to report she is just as She By SheDelusional as ever. Thank goodness that some things never change! Although it's too bad Sheree had a "falling out" with Lawrence because her weave was not looking super great! 

Andy Cohen, who loves to get a rise out of his guests, played the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star a clip of Iyanla Vanzant discussing Sheree's appearance on her show. Iyanla did not mince words. 

"I think when people are allowed to get away with bad behavior for a long time they become very brittle when you challenge them. And I also think when someone is controlling they can't surrender," Iyanla said of Sheree


Sheree, ever unable to accept fault or responsibility, had this to say in response: "If she's really there to help, that's not helping by coming on your show to ridicule and making a mockery of what happened during her show. I didn't really learn anything from Iyanla. I was misled." And Sheree has now made an enemy of Oprah. And you do not need Oprah to check you, Miss She By SheBroke! Although I so need to see that. Immediately. 

Sheree snapped back against NeNe Leakes' comments about her on last week's WWHL. Mathew Morrison (other guest who no one cares about) was forced to wear a NeNe mask while Sheree enacted Toof Wars 2.0. Role playing time! 

"I don't why you feel the need to continue to talk about me, because I'm not talking about you," Sheree snipped. "I'm really flattered that the 'newly rich and famous' still have time to talk about me all day! Get a life! I don't think about you." 

Furthermore, Sheree defended replacement Kenya Moore. "Obviously Kenya is doing something right, because that's all people can talk about is Kenya!" NeNe is stabbing her Sheree voodoo doll right now. Lest she forgot, RHOA is NENE's SHOW. 

On to other things, Chateau Sheree was discussed! 

"Chateau Sheree needs its own show," Sheree hinted to Andy."It gets more press than most of your Housewives!" If These Walls Could Talk... would be a very appropriate title! Oh the secrets and illegal doings they would reveal.

Sheree admitted progress is slow. "I'm still working on it. I'm not rushing!" Andy countered that "not rushing" was an understatement. "It takes time to transfer titles over and over again to evade my creditors and try and sue people so I can have money to pay contractors," Sheree insisted. 

Apparently Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine is one of the many who stalk Chateau Sheree and offered to buy it. Sheree is not suing her for trespassing! 

Sheree is not selling. She claims everyone is "so excited about" Chateau Sheree they can't stay away. So excited about it getting foreclosed on maybe? 

Andy asked Sheree how things are with Bob Whitfield – and they are moving forward positively! Sheree says she has "gotten a check" for child support and their relationship is a "work in progress" but they are "working on it." 

Oh – and in case you were wondering She By Sheree is "on hold" while Sheree focuses on her family and pursues a full-time job of taking Atlanta bloggers to court. It's a lotta work. "It's definitely something I'm gonna come back to," Sheree promises. "I'm working on Chateau Sheree!" 

Andy tried to encourage Sheree to start dating Walter Jackson. Sheree, thinking it could be her comeback moment, had a flicker of 'maybe' but then grimaced and asked Andy to suggest "somebody else!" Dang – but Walter could have done another fake relationship on RHOA!

All in all, Sheree's appearance was pretty lack-luster. I was hoping for more dish! She needs to spend more time in Chateau Sheree's liberry practicing her reads – she's lost her touch! Or Andy didn't want to give her time to really let loose… 

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