Bethenny Frankel Defends Being Thin As Necessary For Skinnygirl Brand; Dishes On Aviva Drescher!

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Bethenny Frankel‘s weight is constantly a topic of conversation and has come under-fire for her weight yet again! After bikini photos of Bethenny and new boyfriend boyfriend Michael Cerussi surfaced many fans, again, complained that the reality star is too thin. 

Last year Bethenny faced controversy when she instagrammed a photograph of herself squeezing into 4-year-old daughter Bryn’s PJs. Even Bethenny and Jason Hoppy‘s family court judge chastised her for the stunt which the judge felt sent a bad message to Bethenny’s daughter and fans. 

Bethenny is now defending herself against critics and reminding everyone that she does have a brand about being a Skinnygirl to be the living, breathing embodiment of! 


“I feel like, who cares, they are always going to say something,” Bethenny complained to Meredith Vieira while appearing on her show. “Yes, ‘I need to eat a burger.‘”

The Real Housewives Of New York star blames a recent drop in weight on illness. “I was sick over the holidays,” Bethenny griped. “I don’t know. Do I look bad? Do I look like I need to eat a burger?” YES. Or 5. Maybe 10. Or maybe just eat more then 3 bites of a burger, and eat burgers consistently. Turkey burgers – or black bean burgers or quinoa burgers if you want to be healthy – any burgers! With the bread. And cheese. Now I’m hungry. I need to eat a burger. 

bethenny frankel on the meredith vieria show discussing weight and RHONY

However Bethenny wants to point out that she does have to represent her brand and her brand, as we all know from her constant product and book hawking, is called Skinnygirl! “I do have a brand called Skinnygirl,” Bethenny reminds everyone. “So I am going to get beaten up for it. It would be bad if I were overweight and had a brand called Skinnygirl, could you imagine?”

Well, I think, personally, so long as Bethenny is healthy and has a healthy mind-set and habits – her weight is fine. What I think many people react to and are concerned over is what seems to be some unhealthy philosophies and practices Bethenny has put into place to manage weight, including admitting she’s suffered from eating disorders. And I also think people worry that those things could be detrimental to Bryn’s feelings about her own weight and appearance. 

Bethenny looks really fit, and yes – she probably should indulge in a brownie (or twenty), but that will likely happen about the same time Bethenny gives up PR-stunting and fame-clamoring. Aka, Never. And even if she did she would instagram the shit out of it. Speaking of which, Bethenny just announced plans to launch Skinnygirl Candy. Can I stab myself with a lollypop stick now?

Moving on, Bethenny is back on RHONY, as we know, and is giving the dish on replacing friend Aviva Drescher as a cast member onto show. 

Bethenny confesses she is shocked Aviva got along so poorly with her castmates and was universally disliked by fans. “I don’t know how you could have one leg and still have people despise you,” she joked. “I can’t believe she was so hated! I introduced her to the show and I thought I would get a fruit basket, but I ended up getting death threats! People just didn’t like her.” 


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