Little Women L.A. Recap: Tough Times All Around


On last night’s Little Women LA, Christy McGinty makes up with Elena Gant (then promptly starts more drama afterward), Elena performs in a burlesque show, and Terra Jole and Joe get some scary news at their first prenatal appointment. Oh, and Traci Harrison cries. A lot.

Briana Mason and Christy catch up at Christy’s house where Briana admits she’s lonely and wants to be in a relationship. Briana does not, however, want to date any more little people. Christy maintains that sex with little men is better than sex with average sized men, but Briana’s not buying it. Todd busts in on girl time and brings up Terra’s pregnancy news. Briana thinks Terra’s pregnancy was planned while Christy adds that Terra & Joe’s relationship is rocky and a having a baby is no way to save it.


Meanwhile, Terra visits Tonya Banks’ house to discuss Downtown Trevore and – what else? – Terra’s pregnancy. Terra is nervous about being a pregnant little person, especially about how her and Joe’s different types of dwarfism may or may not affect their baby. She’s also concerned about the perma-nipples she’s sporting lately. Ha! Tonya’s glad that Downtown T is out of the picture, but is disappointed that she ever fell for his shenanigans. She admits she puts up a wall with men so she won’t get hurt, but Terra encourages her to remain open to love.


Elena and Christy meet for lunch, which Christy set up because she says she misses her. Elena had been feeling like Christy iced her out, but Christy maintains that she still does care about Elena and wants to be closer. Christy says she had two ear surgeries after the wedding(s) last season, so she isolated for a while after that. Sweet Elena of course forgives her, but as soon as she does, Christy starts immediately grilling her – and I mean, like that very second – about how long Elena knew Terra was pregnant before everyone else. Like a delicate organic eggshell, Elena cracks and tells Christy everything, even that Terra told her the pregnancy news BEFORE telling Joe. Elena makes Christy promise that she won’t tell anybody this information. Yeah right! We’ve already seen what Christy does with private information about her friend’s bowel movements, so I can only imagine what she’ll do with this juicy morsel.


Across town, Elena is rehearsing for a burlesque show she’s been invited to perform in. She’s not a comfortable dancer, but her 9-months-pregnant friend (and co-burlesque performer!) shows her the moves and tells her to stop being a Negative Nancy. Elena finds it hard to be free with her movements because she’s grown up being so self conscious about how she looks.

Christy and Todd are doing some projects around the house which provides a great opportunity for Christy to pressure Todd again about having babies. Todd’s on board already, but Christy just thinks there’s more they could do. She suggests Todd raises his sperm count by eating more cinnamon, grapefruit, and yogurt. Oh, and that he also stops constricting his balls in tighty whities. So, there you go. Problem solved.

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Terra, Joe, Traci, and Erik are at a local amusement park trying to rent some go karts, but not all of them are the required 48 inches tall to ride them. They decide to do some mini golf instead during which Terra puts on a friendly face for Traci (despite Traci’s juvenile behavior last episode when Terra announced her pregnancy). Terra asks whether Traci is still trying to get pregnant and Traci gets all huffy about it, then interviews that she wishes Terra would just leave the issue alone. Good people of the jury, I ask you: Has Traci ever wanted to leave ANY issue alone? She’s still holding a grudge about who got married when last season. No, no, no. This baby grudge match has juuuuuuuuust begun.

Terra takes Traci aside to talk and Traci breaks into tears, saying she wishes she could just get pregnant. She doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen for her, but she says she wants to be there for Terra during her pregnancy no matter what. Only time will tell if Traci can step out of her own stink cloud for the next 7 months to be Terra’s true friend.

Terra and Joe go shopping for baby gear, but all of the gear available is built for average sized people and is way too big and bulky for them. The cribs are too tall, the car seats too heavy. Terra says if average sized people want to know what it’s like shopping as a little person, they should just try crawling on their knees into one of these stores sometime. Ha! True dat. Joe says he hopes they have an average size child rather than a little person, if simply to avoid the surgeries and health problems that little people must endure over their lifetimes. Skeletal issues are the primary concern. Both Joe and Terra agree that they just want a healthy baby in the end – big or small.

Terra goes over to Elena’s house to help her out with some dance moves and encourages her to let her insecurities go. Terra reflects on how close she and Elena have become since last season. I love how confident Terra is with herself and hope Elena can shake off her fears by the time she performs.


It’s the night of Elena’s burlesque show! Tonya, Terra, and Elena’s hubby Preston are all in the audience for support. The crowd goes wild when Elena comes out and she does well at least faking her sexy routine. It’s not all roses though, as some burlesque dancer comes off stage after Elena’s routine to dance all over Preston’s lap. Elena is not a happy camper. She comes out afterward pouting and clearly upset, but Terra reassures her that Preston did nothing wrong. Elena breaks into tears and confronts Preston about “some random girl” giving him a lap dance and Preston apologizes about it upsetting her.

The next night all of the ladies go roller skating. Yes!! Love it. Terra takes Elena aside to talk about the lap dance issue, but Elena claims she and Preston usually have no jealousy issues. Hmmm. I don’t know about that, considering Elena’s reaction. Elena astutely points out that it was Terra just last season who was seeing red (for good reason) when Joe was constantly and inappropriately flirting with Elena right in front of her face. Elena claims that being married changes everything and Terra won’t understand until she’s married. Elena also doesn’t want Terra inserting her opinions into her relationship, period. She feels like she’s done performing altogether after last night’s incident, which is kind of sad. There’s something deeper going on here for sure.


In the shallower end of the friend pool, Traci and Christy talk about – again, what else!? – Terra’s pregnancy. Christy says she feels bad that Traci is upset over Terra’s pregnancy. Cue Traci’s awful bawling yet again. Groan. Here come the waterworks, people! Did anyone out there not get the memo that Traci is upset yet? Good. We’re all on board then. I feel like Terra’s child will have to come out of the womb with a formal apology letter for simply being born. Damn, girl! Get yourself together!

Christy then reveals to Traci that Elena knew about Terra’s pregnancy before anyone else did. Way to keep a secret, Christy. We all knew you didn’t have it in you to be true to your word. Traci, of course, gets more righteously indignant – again, over someone ELSE’s baby news – while Christy just calmly stirs the pot with a big ole’ spoon.

The next morning, Terra and Joe head to the OBGYN for baby appointment #1. They see the baby on the ultrasound and reality sinks in for both of them – in a good way. The baby looks healthy and Terra is relieved. Yay! Soon that relief is met with trepidation when they speak with the doctor. He tells them that their child does have a 25% chance of having a double dominant gene, a fatal condition upon birth. Even though Terra and Joe have different forms of dwarfism, they both carry dominant genes that could match up in a random pairing.


Terra and Joe both agree that they wouldn’t want to abort the child even if they find out there are genetic mutations at the 17-week prenatal appointment (Terra is 12 weeks along right now). Terra interviews that she also would also not want to carry a child to term who would struggle for life for just a few days before dying. So, she says, she’s “damned” either way – if the testing bears a double dominant result, that is. Terra is heartbroken at this news, which is more than understandable. My heart goes out to them both. Wow. Very heavy news to bear. More to come later in the season about this, I’m sure.

Recap Author: Erin M.


Photo Credit: Lifetime