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On last night’s Little Women LA, Briana Mason reignites her love life with a little online dating that turns serious fast, Terra Jole calls Christy McGinty out for stirring the pregnancy news pot, Traci Harrison and Erik experience a sad loss, and Todd goes HAM on a bunch of people out of nowhere, finally showing us why he is the perfect mate for Christy.

We start with Christy and Todd working out at the gym to get in “baby making shape.” Exercise is hard on little peoples’ bodies, says Christy, because they have the same muscle mass and bone density as average sized people, but everything is condensed. Little people also have the same stomach size, so it’s a challenge to keep their weight low on a regular diet.

Briana is meeting her dad, an ex-hippie, at a juice bar to talk about the new man in her life. She’s met a 5’6” guy online – she refuses to date another little person – and her dad is none too happy that she’s meeting anyone, short or tall, on the internet. The mystery man is 38 and from Seattle. Briana’s dad says she’s gullible and he’s worried about guys taking advantage of her (i.e., dudes being interested her for fetish purposes only).

Over at Traci’s house, Tonya Banks arrives to get the wine (and whine?) started. Tonya’s new hair is looking fab, by the way! Traci blabs immediately that Terra told Elena Gant she was pregnant first, courtesy of Christy’s big mouth. Tonya is now hurt too, as she claims best-friend-rights with Terra and cannot fathom that Elena has moved into the #1 Best Friend position. What is it with these ladies and their territorial rights to each others’ pregnancy news?!?

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Traci and Tonya’s smack talk is cut short when Terra arrives. Let the awkwardness begin! Traci confronts Terra and Terra admits it’s true that she told Elena first because she was so freaked out, she had to get it off her chest to someone. Tonya is pissy that she had to find out along side “Thing 1 and Thing 2” (Christy and Briana). Terra apologizes that it threatened their friendship, but she now wonders how much she can trust Elena since Elena told a secret to Christy – someone she doesn’t even like – without thinking twice. Amid all the mayhem here, one sh*t-stirrer remains, and her name starts with a “C” and rhymes with fisty.

Back at Traci’s, she’s taking another pregnancy test, which turns out to be positive! She is shocked and overjoyed.

Meanwhile at Terra’s, she’s painting a frame for the baby’s room. She and Joe talk about the amnio tests coming up at the OBGYN which will tell them if the fetus shows double dominancy, a chromosomal condition that could result in the infant’s death. Terra is choosing to think positively and doesn’t want to do the testing because she wants to carry the child no matter what. Joe seems to reluctantly agree, at least to sleep on it & decide later. Tough situation, man.

Briana is on her way to meet Internet Dude! At the airport, she waits and waits, starting to panic that he won’t show, but then like a vision holding a giant stuffed koala bear, Matt shows up. He tells Briana she looks gorgeous and off they go.

Traci is ready to tell Erik the good news about her pregnancy test so she cooks him dinner and gives him a card that asks, “Are you ready for the next chapter…?” Erik has no idea what this means, so she finally just straight up tells him the news and he’s thrilled. No one else knows yet. Normally, says Traci, she would tell Terra first, but now she’s not so sure after the whole “you told Elena fiiirrrrrrst!!” debacle. I can only imagine the high drama and brutal power plays that will now ensue with Traci’s pregnancy news. How and when who’s told what will likely rival Game of Thrones in its narrative complexity.

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Briana and Matt are like nervous school kids out on a first date, so they decide to color with crayons to break the ice. They share a love of music and of moving too fast. Briana asks Matt if he’d consider moving to LA & he says, “Definitely!” Huh? After talking about uprooting their lives to be together, they share their first kiss. (What did Briana’s dad say again? She’s too gullible? Yesssss.)

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Terra and Joe are back at Dr. Jick’s OB office to get another ultrasound. Everything looks normal for 16 weeks, but Terra is still scared to test the fetus, fearing bad news will force them to make a tough decision before the baby is born. She and Joe decide to test the baby as soon as it’s born, but that they want to have this baby no matter what the risks are. There’s a 1 in 4 chance that the baby will be double dominant, but Terra is convinced that everything will be alright if she keeps up the positive thinking.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are out for a shopping date, where Christy asks Briana socially appropriate questions about Briana’s new man, Matt. You know, questions like, “When you grab his thing, does it go all the way to your elbow?” And, “Can you fit it in your mouth?” What.The.Hell!? Briana says she’s happy and that she & Matt are amazing together. Christy wants to meet him (run Matt, run!!) and suggests hosting a barbeque that includes her parents & friends.

At Traci’s house, Erik comes home to find out the sad news that Traci miscarried the pregnancy. Traci seems mostly upset that she’s disappointing Erik, which Erik assures her is not the case. He reassures her that she’s done nothing wrong and they’ll still try to have a baby. Traci knows that miscarriages happen often, no matter whether you’re average sized or little, but is understandably devastated that she lost this baby. She says she’s glad she didn’t tell any of the girls after all, but I wonder if that was the right move after all. They might have supported her through this tough time if she’d shared it, but with this group – who knows?

Here comes Christy and Todd’s barbeque! After a scintillating conversation between them about freshwater versus saltwater (seriously, this rivals Jessica Simpson’s “tuna or chicken” brain fart), Briana and Matt show up for some grilling. The grilling will be done courtesy of Christy, who starts accusing Briana of having dirty hair and “sex face.” Such a lady, that Christy. Matt looks confused and slightly scared, which is the appropriate response to meeting Christy for the first time I guess. Everyone else files in, including Tonya, who promptly asks Briana if Matt is circumcised. Ok, time out. Matt, and Matt’s junk, have now been openly discussed by roughly half the group of little women and he’s been on the scene a mere 3.2 seconds. This is some record breaking junk talk, here!

Terra is stewing over Elena telling Christy about the pregnancy news, so she confronts her about it. Elena admits that Christy got the information out of her, but that she told Christy not to tell anyone she told her. Elena calls Christy a fake biotch and Terra agrees, but wonders what Christy has to gain from being the Supreme Sh*t Stirrer in the group.

Traci and Erik show up late to the barbeque and Traci tries to put on a brave face in front of her friends despite her recent miscarriage trauma. Speaking of putting on faces, Tonya and Christy warm up to Matt – who Briana is now calling her boyfriend – and Tonya asks when they’ll be getting married. Matt asks, “How close is Vegas?” Ha ha ha! Ha ha….…ha? Hmmmm. Matt – and his junk – are suspect in my opinion.


Terra confronts Christy in front of the whole group about spreading the news that Elena knew her pregnancy news first. She accuses Christy of trying to start drama for no reason (check), trying to make Terra look like a bad friend to Traci and Tonya (check) and being all around fake friend (check, check, check). Elena joins in, calling Christy fake too, while Christy interviews that this is all just a stupid high school argument. Exactly! Which you started, ma’am. Somehow this confrontation spins into discussing Traci’s reaction to Terra’s initial pregnancy news (i.e., Traci crying about herself not being pregnant). Todd jumps on board antagonizing Traci about her poor reaction that day and Erik tells Todd to basically butt out. Then Christy starts crying some crocodile tears about how much she cares about her friends, blah blah blah.

Todd decides to live dangerously by piping up again with some nonsense, to which Terra replies, “you can go suck a big fat d*ck!” Erik tells Todd to butt out yet again, to which Todd replies, “You’re a little b*tch if you don’t stand up for your wife!” And just like that, the fight has moved from the girls to the boys. Terra tells Todd to back off and he asks where Joe, her “on again, off again” boyfriend, is. Ouch! Burn! Terra is seeing red and Erik is pissed at the way Todd is talking to Terra, so he starts in on Todd again. Tonya tries lamely to diffuse the situation while Matt (remember him?) looks on from the sidelines, most likely pocket-texting a cab to pick him and his junk up, STAT.

Recap Author: Erin M.


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