On last night’s Little Women LA, Briana Mason struggles to gain her family’s approval of her new relationship, Terra Jole finally lets her family in on the pregnancy news, Elena Gant comes up with a new career move, and Briana and Terra go to war over some sketchy singing.

We pick up on the beach where Todd is getting in the middle of a girl fight between Christy McGinty and Terra. Christy finally pulls Todd out of the situation and they both leave the party (which they are hosting). Christy maintains that she did nothing wrong in telling Traci Harrison that Elena knew about Terra’s pregnancy news first, but the rest of the group – and the world – thinks her motives were more sinister. Terra feels Christy and Todd are jealous about her pregnancy. She wishes everyone would just back off and be happy for her. Yeah, well…wishful thinking with this crew.

Briana and her brand spankin’ new internet boyfriend, Matt, go to check on Todd and Christy. Christy calls Terra a bully – ugh! Stop with calling each other bullies already! She thinks Terra is jealous – of what, we don’t know. Briana and Matt decide to leave to spend their last blissful minutes together before he goes home to Seattle the next morning to bury the bodies.

The next day, Traci comes over to Terra’s house to discuss the fallout of the barbeque. Traci confesses her recent miscarriage news to Terra and Terra tries to comfort her the best she can. It turns out Traci had a chemical pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get pregnant again and carry the baby to term in the future.

Terra’s brother, Bourn, comes to visit next. He’s also a little person and was adopted by Terra’s parents at birth. Terra and Joe tell Bourn that he’s going to be an uncle and he seems happy, but Terra says she’s still “shaking scared” to tell her mom.


Downtown, Elena and her husband are shopping and discussing Elena’s career crisis. She doesn’t want to be a little person performer anymore because it makes her uncomfortable. She knows there aren’t many career options for little people, but she does have an inspirational idea to start a clothing line for little people. Her husband is scared that she’ll start something and not finish it, but she claims it’s always been her dream to design clothes. Based on the hassle these women face every time they go shopping, I’d say it’s an untapped market that could make millions! Millions, that is, if the person running it has their act together. Soooo…we’ll see.


Briana visits her family, who is reluctant to meet her new boyfriend, Matt. Her parents refused to come to the barbeque to meet him because they say it’s a waste of time to meet someone Briana’s known for a hot minute. They don’t take her relationship seriously and are suspicious of Matt’s motives. They ask why Briana’s setting herself for a situation that has so many red flags: meeting him online, becoming too close too quickly, him saying he had one kid but then having two. Briana’s parents think she’s gullible, so they have to be cynical for her. They’re also concerned about Briana’s daughter, Leiana. Briana basically refuses to listen to any of her parents’ sage advice, claiming that just because she’s a little person, she’s not still their little girl.

Well, this little girl is about to go on a “Skype date” with Matt, wearing her best leopard halter top. Matt Skypes to talk to Briana about looking for jobs in the LA area (red flag!). Briana tells him she’s signed up for an upcoming open mic night to sing, which is apparently her passion. She’s writing a song for Matt (red flag!) and wants to share it with him. They say “I love you” (red flag!) and hang up.


Elena is meeting with Mila, a fashion designer, who says she’s famous for…leggings. Okay. Elena shows Mila her sketches, which include mostly jumpsuits and see-through skirts. She proposes her fashion line for little people and average size people, but Mila thinks she should focus exclusively on little people fashion. Agreed! Mila says she’ll take Elena’s sketches to some investors to see what they think of her ideas.

Back at Terra’s, she Skypes her mom, Karolyn, to reveal the pregnancy news. It goes over like a lead balloon. Karolyn is scared for Terra’s health, her finances, and the baby’s health. All valid fears, but Terra is understandably upset that her mother can’t be happy for her having a child. She’s emotionally deflated after the call and all I can say at this point is: can someone – ANYONE – please just be freaking happy for Terra!?!? Love her or hate her, girlfriend needs some supportive humans on her side right now. Between Joe’s initial reaction, her friends’ messy drama, and now her mom’s fears, she’s got to be feeling like the least supported pregnant woman on the planet.


Briana has her average size sister, Tiana, over to talk about their parents’ concerns with Matt. Tiana echoes their concerns, saying that he’s a virtual stranger and they’ve already done a background check on him. Matt apparently has a criminal record, having been arrested for assault. The charges were never filed and Briana claims that since Matt says he’s innocent, she believes him. Tiana doesn’t look so sure. She also thinks it’s bizarre that after only having been with Matt for 3 days, he’s already telling Briana he loves her. Word. Briana claims that they were “internet dating” for 6 weeks before that, but Tiana is not buying anything Briana is selling right now. She flat out says she can’t support Briana’s relationship with Matt. In the end, the voice of reason named Tiana is left sitting on the porch alone while Briana storms off in a weepy huff.


It’s open mic night! Here we go. Briana’s invited all of the girls to come support her while she sings her new original song about internet-dating-assault-charging-suspiciously-fast-moving-Matt. That’s also the song title. The tension at the table is palpable as Terra ignores Christy, so Christy decides to “apologize” by calling Terra a bully then saying she’s sorry things got out of hand. Terra forgives her for the sake of keeping the peace, but interviews that she doesn’t believe a word coming out of Christy’s mouth.


Briana tells the girls that she’s going to sing a song that she just wrote, just learned in the car on the way there, and that isn’t quite done. Terra snarks in her interview that Briana is basically a hack. Briana sings her half-baked tune and does have a nice voice, but interrupts her song repeatedly saying “I’m so nervous!” It’s basically a big snooze fest. The song was rushed, but Briana likes to move fast – don’t they know this by now?

little women8

In an FU move, Terra takes the stage next to – literally – upstage Briana’s sad sacky song by performing one of her cheesy, but well-rehearsed, little numbers. Briana is pissed. She interviews that Terra has to make everything all about her, and that she looks like a little trashbox on stage to boot. Terra shakes her pleather-jumpsuited groove thang and mildly entertains the crowd – well, as much as you can entertain a crowd full of coffee shop, semi-drunk hipsters. Christy is as disgusted as Briana with Terra’s move to one-up her, so they leave together in solidarity. Terra chases after them to confront Briana, telling her she shouldn’t be so upset because she had “nothing prepared for them to watch anyway.” Ouch! Christy asks if Terra came out to “bully” Briana more. GAWD. #makeitstop

Tonya even admits that Terra is being a self-centered b*tch in this moment, but says nothing to curb her insults. Christy tries to claim that Terra’s baby can hear all of her b*tchiness and is being damaged by all of this drama. I hate to think what Christy’s baby will hear while inside her sacred womb, should she get pregnant next.


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