Little Women: LA Recap – The Ex Files


On last night’s Little Women LA, Elena Gant decides to explore the world of plastic surgery, Traci Harrison goes house hunting, and Terra Jole throws a party to set Tonya Banks up with a new man – but it’s Christy McGinty who’s really setting Terra up for a big surprise, and it’s not the good kind.

Briana Mason and Christy head to the spa to relax and complain about Briana’s open mic night, which Terra hijacked last episode. They conclude that Terra is a mean girl who wants to one-up everyone else. The ladies hop into a mud bath and next on the agenda is talking about Briana’s new boyfriend, Matt. Christy agrees with Briana’s family that there are bright red flags about Matt wanting to uproot his life and move to LA with Briana after only 2 months of dating (ahem, 3 days, actually). Briana is fed up with her family and plans to move out regardless of their concerns.

Terra and Elena get together to also discuss open mic night. Terra thinks Briana needs thicker skin, end of story. Terra also has an idea to set Tonya up at a “Used to Date Party” in which everyone will bring a single guy they used to date who could now potentially date the hot mess that is Tonya. This should be a trip.


Traci and Erik are house hunting. In a bad omen, Traci falls flat on her face just walking up the driveway to house #1. The house has tons of stairs inside, which is not ideal for little people who have trouble with their joints. Although she’s used to facing the challenges of living in an average sized world, Traci dreams of a house built to her little person specifications. So far, no luck with that.


Back at Christy’s house, she takes another pregnancy test. It’s negative. Christy says it’s breaking her heart to keep getting negative results after trying for 6 months. Todd, who himself is adopted, suggests it may be time for them to consider adoption. Christy agrees.

At Elena’s house, she broaches the subject of getting butt implants. Let’s just let that sink in. Elena says she’s not self conscious about her butt, but she thinks it can be “more perfect.” Little people have the “advantage” of having bigger butts, says Elena, but she got robbed. Her husband Preston seems doubtful that this is a good idea but, as always, he’s standing by his woman and all of her crazy questionable decisions.  


Briana and Christy are visiting Christy’s friend, Lila, who she describes as a “live wire” in the little people community. Lila, like Christy, is sober (but newly so) and has just moved to LA. Lila asks immediately if the ladies are still friends with Terra and Joe – she apparently dated Joe back in the day. Lila has only met Terra briefly, but was in luuuuuvvvv with Mr. Class Act Joe. She says although she only had drunken, orgasm-free sex with Joe, she thought he might be the “one.” She then goes into describing the exact size of Joe’s ‘Little Joe’ by using a very short stick of celery as a prop. An evil smile spreads across Christy’s face as she invites Lila to Terra’s upcoming party, saying “It should be fine!” Lila agrees to come. Let the shenanigans begin.

Tonya is at the gym hitting a boxing bag like it’s Trevore’s pathetic face. Elena joins her and reveals her upcoming plastic surgery idea. She‘s not interested in working out to tone her booty, she’s rather suck fat from her body and have it injected into her butt cheeks. Tonya’s like, girl, are you crazy? Just do some squats! Tonya is against “selective” surgery, period. She asks Elena if Preston has been looking at other peoples’ booties and Elena gets huffy about it, saying she’s doing this for HER. Yeah, okay.  

Back to the house hunt. Traci and Erik see a single story house that’s a better fit for them, but Traci finds flaws everywhere. She’s NOT willing to settle and complains about everything she sees. Erik asks, “Why are you so negative?” And I’m left wondering if Erik has ever met Traci before. Her face is in the constant contortion of a person who’s just sucked on a lemon, had both feet stomped on, and been told the world is ending. Erik, this is your wife/life. Deal with it. Traci suddenly comes around on the house though, and agrees she could see herself moving there – if she can have a dog and a pool, that is.


Elena and Preston are at the plastic surgeon’s office for a butt lift consultation. Dr. Matlock says he can help her out and says she has “plenty of fat” to suck out and inject in her butt, so all systems are a GO I guess.

Terra and Joe are looking for a new minivan now that they’ve got a baby on the way. Joe wants a car that “keeps the chicks away.” Yeah. Terra says that big cars need to be modified for little people, with pedal extensions, etc…but isn’t ready to modify a minivan just yet. She doesn’t want anything to do with this minivan plan, stan.


Christy and Todd are at an adoption agency to discuss their options. They are told that there’s a ton of paperwork and meetings in store for them if they pursue this, but that they might get some positive attention from the adoption agency because they’re little people. Hmmm. Strange information, no? Christy is concerned that they might adopt, but the birth parents might want their child back later. The agent says, yes, that does happen sometimes within a 30-day window after the child is adopted…which is totally heartbreaking, I’m sure. The adoption process will also cost them 15K up front and could take up to 15 months to find a baby to adopt. Christy sheds some tears, possibly from frustration about all of this news at once. The end result of this meeting: Christy and Todd decide to look into IVF next.


It’s the night of the “Used to Date Party” and Terra’s more nervous about Christy and Todd coming (especially Todd, who went nuts on her at the bonfire) than she is about Tonya freaking out about all of the sloppy seconds strewn around the room. The group gathers at an outdoor restaurant patio as Terra marches Tonya in and tells her the lowdown on this “Used to Date” party. Tonya interviews that she doesn’t want “no damn used date!” Preach!!! She’s a good sport though and plays along with the awkwardness.

Speaking of awkwardness, Christy and Todd enter with Lila. Joe looks like he’s ready to puke, run, or hide…so he puts on his Ray bans and pretends he’s invisible. Which he is not, because Lila marches over to introduce herself to the group sitting with him, then tries in vain to trade small talk with Joe and Terra – who both cannot even bring themselves to make eye contact with her or grunt responses to her socially appropriate questions. Christy must be loving this sh*t. #queenpotstirrer #usedtodatepartyproblems

Elena comes over to ask Terra about Lila, who Terra says is still in love with Joe and still texts him. In reality or in Joe’s tiny mind? Are there celery sticks at this party? Lila is talking to Briana, Christy and Todd about how much she used to care about Joe and how she wishes she could just be friends with Terra and Joe now. Since Briana used to date Todd (eww) and Christy has since become besties with Briana, Christy feels like everyone should just be a-okay with their exes showing up out of nowhere and scooting in as their new besties too. Whatever, chica. Christy tells Lila that Terra’s pregnant and Lila asks, “Who’s the dad?” Ha.  


Over at Terra’s table, Joe is talking loudly about how Lila is just as bat sh*t crazy as Todd and Christy. Terra knows Christy is loving every minute of this stupid situation, which is 100% accurate. Then Todd starts yelling at Joe across the tables, Joe yells back at Todd, they threaten to fight each other. So, fight they will…after Joe repeatedly yells, “Swing at me, hippo!” But before Todd can lurch over to swing at Joe (who’s still wearing sunglasses – no joke), Erik jumps up and tackles Todd to the ground. #revengetackle


Next week, everyone continues shrieking at each other at the restaurant while Tonya sits idly by, not dating anyone’s previously-dated dudes.

Recap Author:  Erin M.


Photo Credit: Lifetime