Love & Hip Hop Recap: Taken To The Cleaners

lhh mendeecees

I’ve been waiting all weekend for more of Chrissy’s fabulous wigs. She’s pulling a fast one on us, right? Her hair–or the drama–on last night’s Love & Hip Hop didn’t disappoint. It was the same manufactured Mona mess as always! 

After Mendeecees’s mother and his ex Samantha’s mother went haywire with drink throwing and death threats at a recent meeting to discuss Little Mendeecees, Yandy Smith is shopping with her fiance and getting the scoop on the evening’s antics. Yandy doesn’t know whether to laugh or, well, laugh at the idea of Mendeecees’ mom and Kim brawling over their grandson’s future. And here Yandy thought involving the grandmothers would create calmer negotiations. I guess if she wants something done right, she’ll have to do it herself!

Rich Dollaz has fun friends. He asked Cisco and Mendeecees to go shoot some hoops, but uh oh! The fellas take a wrong turn on the way to the basketball court and end up at a strip club. The three men share about the messy situations in which they have recently found themselves. Mendeecees is like a broken record with his mama drama, Rich was put on social media blast after messing with Jhonni, and Cisco can’t believe that the girl he cheated on and left has moved on with a new boyfriend. The nerve! Chink commiserates as well. He’s in love with Chrissy, but he’s not ready to divorce his wife yet. However, after hearing the craziness his friends are facing, he starts to think that perhaps his relationship with Chrissy is worth moving on from his ex.


Speaking of people who can’t move on from exes, Peter Gunz is still trying to charm wife Amina Buddafly. He’s ready to introduce his sons with Tara Wallace to their new baby sister, but he’s not quite ready to tell them they have a new step-mother. Baby steps? Tara can’t even mask her disgust for this awkward meeting. Corey is a precious baby, but her face says it all. She looks appropriately befuddled by the entire situation. When Peter hands off Corey to Tara, she holds the baby as if she was going to get bitten. The boys are equally confused, but perhaps that comes from the fact they only see their father on tropical vacays and surrounded by camera crews. I don’t anticipate any serious co-parenting occurring with this trio, that’s for sure.

lhh tara

After hearing how poorly Mendeecees botched his sit-down with Samantha, Yandy needs to step in and meet with Kim. Right off the bat, Kim refuses to talk about the custody dispute surrounding Little Mendeecees until she submits the dry cleaning bill from her drink stained suit for payment. Yandy doesn’t want Mendeecees to become a weekend dad, but Kim says that Samantha is prepared to go to court to get her way. Yandy proposes a compromise. Could the foursome meet again (hopefully mediated by Yandy herself) to discuss the possibility of Samantha and Mendeecees splitting the week equally? Kim is open to this suggestion…so long as Mendeecees’ mom arrives with the means to pay her laundry bill. 

Cyn is ready to move on with her life sans Erica Mena. She can find someone else who likes Chipotle picnics. Precious Paris is helping Cyn scout a venue for her suicide awareness fundraiser, and she’s venting about what a crappy manager Rich has proven to be over the past few months. Cyn tells her new friend that she needs to have a discussion–without screaming–with Rich so that he can understand Paris’ point of view. Who knew Cyn would become a Dollaz fan? You know who isn’t a Dollaz fan anymore? Erica. She’s meeting with her bestie Albie about the latest in her love life. I feel like Albie only appears when no one else will film with Erica. She confides in her best friend that she’s got a new love interest…of the male variety. Congratulations Lil’ Bow Wow! Or Bow. Or Shad. Over pedicures, Erica admits that her eight year friendship with Bow Wow is taking a romantic turn. 

lhh chink chrissy

Oh Chrissy, your hair pieces NEVER disappoint! She’s sporting a mullet-esque situation and towering over Chink. He’s invited her to meet for drinks so that they can talk about their relationship. Chink is between a rock and a hard place. He doesn’t think it’s fair to be under the pressure of Chrissy picking him over past lovers, but he’s not willing to let her go to find happiness with someone else. Chink does admit that he’ll entertain the fact of having a child with Chrissy. What a sweetheart. He loves her, but he’s not going to say it anymore. The pair hugs it out after laughing about the stupidity of that last statement. 

Yandy has heard Kim’s side of grandma-gate, so she’s meeting with Mendeecees‘ mom Judy to hear her take on the fight. To begin with, Judy isn’t too keen on her future daughter-in-law championing for a meeting with Kim. Where is Yandy’s loyalty? Judy goes off on Yandy, and Yandy questions how Judy plans to be a part of her son’s wedding if she’s acting a fool. Judy responds by storming off. I’m glad they were able to come to a resolution! Across town, Corey is the shining light in Amina’s life when all else is going sour. Erica stops by to visit, and Amina rehashes the awkward family time. Erica encourages Amina to have a cordial relationship with Tara. If nothing else, it could help her catch Peter in future lies. Amina wants to know if the rumors she’s heard about Erica and Bow Wow are true. Erica gushes like a schoolgirl about her crush but swears Amina to secrecy about the budding romance. 

lhh kim

Cisco can’t keep his women in line. First, his ex-girlfriend Diamond Strawberry starts dating another guy after they’d broken up, and now the mother of his children is sick of just being his side piece when he’s visiting Atlanta. The nerve of these gals! Tasha has flown to New York from Atlanta to find out exactly where Cisco was when their son was born. She suspects that he was with Diamond. Cisco promises up and down to Tasha that he wasn’t serious with Diamond. He’s such a gem…and ladies, I’m betting he’s still single! Tasha wants Cisco to set her free. He retorts that the only way he’ll let Tasha bring another man around their kids is if she’s engaged to said dude. Tasha decides then and there to call a sex moratorium on their relationship. They can co-parent without co-mingling their sexy parts. Wait, what? This suggestion is unacceptable to Cisco who I am starting to believe coined the phrase “having his cake and eating it too…” Not even some heavy petting? Nope.

Even though Chink promised Chrissy he’d file for legal separation, it’s a rough time for him to make this call. His father is ill, and he’d hate to upset him in his fragile state. Chink’s cousin is visiting from D.C., and Chink wants to hear an update on his dad’s health. Chink admits that it’s hard for him to picture a life without his ex-wife who has been part of their family since they were all kids. The cousin has no intentions of meeting this Chrissy person, and Chink’s father feels the same way. When it comes to Chink’s marriage, his family is loyal to his estranged wife. 

lhh jhonni

Judy isn’t Yandy’s biggest fan, and that isn’t going to change when Yandy tricks Judy and Kim into meeting again. Judy once again cites Yandy’s loyalty while Kim brings up her stained suit. I want to know how pregnant Yandy plans to break up a fight if these two go at it again. After realizing how silly they sound, Kim passes the dry cleaner’s bill to Judy and the women apologize and decide to approach this situation as adults. The grandmothers laugh and hug, and I must admit, I like the softer side of my fave lady Kim. Since that beef ended with no physical altercation of any kind, the show isn’t quite over. Each episode ends with a blow-up, remember? Jhonni is working with Rich in the studio, and he’s hoping to move forward with their professional relationship. His other artist Precious Paris has been searching for her MIA manager. She needs more attention. When she busts in on Jhonni’s session, Jhonni doesn’t want their argument to take up her paid studio time. She keeps urging the screaming Precious to take her yelling outside. When Precious refuses to listen, Jhonni jumps her. Of course she does.


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