Little Women: LA Recap – Home Wreckers

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On last night’s Little Women: LA, Christy McGinty and Todd Gibel get disappointing news about IVF treatment, Elena Gant’s mom arrives from Russia.  While Elena pursues her fashion line dream, the ladies head out to see a little person comedy act, and yet another brawl ensues at Elena and Preston’s housewarming party. Can you guess who started the brawl? But of course, you can. It starts with a “T” and rhymes with…okay, it’s Terra. Duh.

Christy, Todd, Briana Mason, and Matt are at a carnival decompressing after last week’s mess. Since they’re not tall enough to ride the roller coasters, they settle for the more tam Tilt-a-Whirl and some games. Briana’s family is still concerned about Matt, but Christy’s assessment of Matt is good so far. Only time will tell on that front.

At Elena and Preston’s house, Elena’s mother arrives for a visit from Russia. Elena and her mom speak in Russian almost exclusively, so Preston feels a bit left out. Elena tells her mom that she wants her to meet the rest of the ladies at a party soon. Hey, Elena’s mom – how do you say “batshit crazy” in Russian? You’ll need that phrase very soon.

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Christy and Todd are looking into fertility options, specifically IVF. IVF is recommended for little people because you can eliminate all genetic mutations. Todd shares his tragic story of losing a baby with his former partner due to double dominancy. Christy wants to be fair to the child by taking the dwarfism gene out of the potential embryo altogether, which is a controversial move in the little people community. Christy’s ultrasound shows that all is well with her lady parts. The chances of getting pregnant within 4 months is very good with IVF says the doc, but with all of the genetic testing they’re looking at, it will also cost $20-30 grand. Christy breaks down in tears when she hears the price tag.

Traci Harrison surprises Terra with a new stroller. Terra shows her the nursery in progress and says she appreciates that Traci is trying to be positive around her and finally accepting her pregnancy. Traci and Erik are also pursuing IVF with genetic testing to eliminate the double dominant gene, but not to eliminate the dwarfism gene. Terra reminds her that last year Traci said she’d never want to bring another little person into the world. Traci claims her feelings were tainted back then because she had such extreme back pain (huh?), but now she’s at peace with whatever “God decides.” Interesting. Traci is pissed about Christy racing her to the altar last year and now racing her to an IVF baby. Um, when does the race to psychotherapy begin?

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Back at Elena’s, she’s showing Preston an app that translates Russian to English and vice-versa. OMG – Preston and Elena’s mom are the cutest people on the planet talking into the iPad while it translates Preston’s, “Do you want to go to a nightclub?” followed by mom’s, “Nyet.” These two could do a commercial for this app. They basically just did. But, wait – what’s it called?!?

Briana’s friend, Brad Williams, is headlining at a comedy club so Briana’s invited all the girls to come out. Brad is free with the use of “midget” in his act, which caused a s**tstorm last season when Elena brought it up. Tonya Banks shows up and start trash talking Lila, who has blessedly gone back to NY (watch for her soon in Little People, NY ya’ll!). Tonya also is ready to take anyone out who utters the “M” word, on stage or not. So Brad may be in danger. She sits in the audience mean muggin’ Brad the entire time as he throws the “M” word around, but it’s Briana who gets to rush the stage to get a lap dance…from Brad. It’s about as awkward as it sounds and there’s a light spanking involved. #50shadesofweird

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Elena’s samples for her fashion line are ready and she’s pleased with the results. Elena’s vision is to create clothes for little and average sized people, but the designer, Mila, sticks to her original (and correct) suggestion that Elena should focus her line exclusively on the little people market. Elena strongly disagrees, wanting her clothing line to be more universal. Terra admires Elena sticking to her guns, but I think Elena would be a genius to market exclusively to little people, period. Mila reminds Elena that she’s going to need money to produce more samples and more money to finance the collection afterward. Elena acts like this is breaking news, and not the kind of news she wants to hear. If this show is heading in the direction of the Real Housewives (which it is on the drama scale already), then I fear Elena’s fashion line will go the way of She by Sheree and die a slow, shameful, bloody, public death.

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Terra and Joe show up at a birthing class. Although she will have a C-section (because she is a little person), Terra wants to understand everything about labor and delivery leading up to that point. The instructors show them a bizarre “slow dance” moaning move and the couples practice not laughing while they practice. Good times.

Christy and Todd are out for a hike to talk about their relationship which they feel has been neglected lately. Christy is upset with how much IVF costs, but Todd has been researching insurance options to cover some of the costs. To ensure a healthy baby, they’ll explore all options. They agree that although they’re proud to be little people, they wouldn’t wish the bullying, health problems, and general life challenges they face on a child. In a heartbreaking statement, Christy says that if she could take a magic pill today and be average size, she would. Todd agrees.

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Elena and Preston are throwing a housewarming party for the ladies & Elena’s mom. Preston assures Elena that he’ll contribute the money needed to make Elena’s fashion line happen. This man will henceforth be known as Saint Preston. The ladies, minus Briana, show up and start immediately trash talking Briana’s boyfriend. Christy lamely tries to defend her, but they move on quickly to other subjects. Other subjects include the IVF race between Traci and Christy, Todd not apologizing to Erik yet, and a screaming match about Joe and Todd’s fight at the party 2 episodes ago. Amidst screams of “He called me Miss Piggy!!” and “He attacked ME!!” Traci pipes up and throws down the gauntlet with a “F**k YOU B*tch!” lobbed directly at Christy. Christy of course screams an “FU!” back at her. Where’s the iPad app to translate all of this BS into Russian already? Speaking of Russian, where the hell is Elena’s mom!? Her informants must have tipped her off before the crazy train arrived.

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The party devolves into Christy calling Traci “Miss Stumbles A Lot.” Okay, she’s got a point, but WTF? Terra jumps in to tell Christy it’s all Todd’s fault for originally attacking her at the bonfire. Elena blows the whistle on the whole shebang, telling them all to cut it out, that her mom is in the next room, and that they need to grow up. She shares her extreme disappointment in the group for their lack of unity, noting that little people share the same struggles, the same fears and challenges, so why can’t they be genuine friends who support one another instead of wHack witches who attack each other at every single gathering? Terra ignores Elena’s State of the Union address, reigniting the fire immediately by screeching at Christy about her and Todd’s behavior. Lots of finger pointing, name calling, and screaming ensue. Terra unleashes every middle school insult she can hurl while Christy retreats, Tonya tries to hold Terra back, Traci frowns (wah-wah), and Elena sits with her head in her hands, disillusioned with the entire situation.

Hopefully, Preston and Elena’s mom are off screen talking into their iPad translation app asking questions like, “What time does the first Delta flight leave tomorrow?” or “How do I get 4 psychotic women out of my house by force?”

Recap Author: Erin M.


Photo Credit: Lifetime