Sister Wives Finale Recap: Meri’d And Divorced

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for (or at least that I’ve been waiting for…how sad is that?). TLC’s Sister Wives is going to fill us in on the secret behind Kody Brown’s divorce from first (and only legal) wife Meri. I can’t wait to see how they spin this situation. Like everything else surrounding the Browns, it’s sure to be extremely anticlimactic and involve some embarrassing lip sync performance. Let’s find out, shall we? 

Because of the Oscars, it’s been two weeks since we last saw the Browns. The episode and season finale (finally!) begins with Meri meeting with her attorney regarding a split from Kody. She reveals that the family would really love for Kody to be able to adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage, and in order for that to happen, she would need to be legally married to him. Aha! That’s it? She worries that should something happen to Robyn, the family would have no legal claim to her children. According to Meri, Kody and Robyn do not know she’s investigating this option. Her lawyer details the process–she and Kody won’t even have to go to court. There will be a ten day waiting period, and then Robyn can marry Kody. Meri’s only fear is that once all is said and done, Kody still won’t be able to adopt Robyn’s kids. After all they are a polygamist family and Robyn’s ex-husband would have to terminate his parental rights. Lots of variables there, folks! 


Meri invites Kody and Robyn over to share her news. and of course they arrive with Solomon who is the only child that Kody interacts with on the reg. Robyn is completely and totally clueless as to why Meri wants to see them (sure she is). She figures it has something to do with the fact that Meri wants some new fangled schooling at the local college which will tear her away from Robyn’s lucrative jewelry gig. As Meri faces off with her husband and her favorite sister wife, Robyn feigns shock and awe at the sacrifice of her fellow wife and friend, but she’s quick to say “you sure?” without even pretending to protest. Kody laughs even after the divorce Meri will still be his wife, right? Is that legal? Um, no, no it’s not legal…that’s why you moved to Nevada, jackhole. He wants to make sure that nothing will change between he and Meri, and Meri takes offense to this question. Kody also hopes that the status quo with Robyn will remain the same. Robyn is quick to say that it will…she can’t get this marriage license soon enough!  She doesn’t get child support, and her ex-husband is becoming more and more absent in the lives of her kids. Kody is their true dad. TLC, if you think for one second I believe that Meri did this without Kody’s prompting, you are sadly mistaken. As Meri cries, Kody gives a simple thanks and watches on as his wives embrace. Don’t get up sir. 

After discussing her plan with Robyn and Kody, it’s time for Meri to fill in Christine and Janelle. Kody does not foresee them taking it well. Meri hopes that the other women aren’t upset that she never offered to divorce Kody for one of them to legally marry him. Trust me, Janelle isn’t upset by that in the least! Before telling the other ladies, Kody and Meri approach their daughter Mariah together. Is she ever at her fancy expensive college? Surprisingly, Mariah isn’t upset, and she understands the importance of the divorce to solidify her step-siblings place in the family. As soon as Mariah gives her blessing, Kody bounces. 

The following day, Meri calls a meeting of the wives so she and Robyn can enlighten Janelle and Christine. Neither sister wife has a clue as to what Meri would want to tell them. Christine predicts she may be pregnant, and Janelle believes the announcement will be about going back to college. Like pulling off a band-aid, Meri quickly states that she will be divorcing Kody so he can marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Christine gulps a “Geez, Mer” before getting teary, and Janelle goes stone faced. Christine wraps Meri in a hug calling it the sweetest thing she could imagine her doing. Well, I didn’t see that coming! Christine wants to know when to expect the wedding (she loves a party!), but Meri assures her that it only going to be paperwork in both the divorce and the marriage. Christine is giddy, and she is so excited at the possibility to make Robyn’s kids a legal part of the family. Janelle finally breaks her silence and bursts out with the fact they should have waited until the first of the year for tax purposes. The ladies have a good laugh over her comment, and an off camera producer asks how she really feels. Janelle refuses to comment further before excusing herself. There’s the awkward and biting response I would have expected from Christine. 

Janelle is concerned that her reaction may have seemed like anger to her sister wives. She doesn’t like change, but she’s certainly not mad. Janelle speaks with Kody about her fears, calling them irrational. She worries that the family dynamic will change and he’ll start favoring Robyn. Start? Kody assures her that it is purely procedural. Janelle understands and is excited about having Robyn’s children as part of the family, and Kody reiterates that nothing has changed in how he feels about each of his wives. He is adamant that nothing will change with these huge changes. He realizes it sounds ridiculous, and he cites that the entire situation is still emotionally draining. Janelle just wanted to share her insecurities, and she hopes that Robyn knows they have nothing to do with her. Kody asks Janelle to give it time to see that nothing will change. 

The morning of the divorce is tense for everyone. Meri is suffering from dizzy spells, and while she feel like she has fully processed what is happening, it doesn’t make it easier. Meri clings to Kody and he jokes that she must be hungover. Reading over the paperwork, he teases that she is divorcing him for the way he brushes his teeth. He should probably just stop talking. Robyn is also very anxious and she arrives dressed as Meri’s twin totally by accident. Meri has requested that Robyn join them as the necessary witness. Robyn is stressed about her new responsibility of being in charge of Kody’s estate in the event of his death. She will have to make sure that all of the wives and families are taken care of and she’s glad her fellow sister wives trust her with this task. In the attorney’s office, the lawyer admits that this isn’t something he sees everyday. Kody jokes (enough with the jokes!) that he and Meri will need to figure out alimony. Meri is holding back tears (as is Robyn) as she signs. I am kind of choked up as well. Gracious. Thanks, TLC.


[Photo Credit: TLC]