Natalie Guercio Denies Being Fired From Mob Wives, But The Entire Cast Wants Her And Natalie DiDonato Gone!

Mob Wives Season 5 Reunion

Natalie Guercio has had a rough time of things since joining Mob Wives, but now the hated “Ratalie” has reportedly been fired from the show! And it she hasn’t been fired yet, the entire cast is demanding that she and Natalie DiDonato get the boot! 

Karen Gravano announced on twitter that Natalie is  “not on the show anymore” after being caught making racist comments. Giving further credence to the rumor, Natalie D retweeted, “Im surprised nat g hasnt been on here crying abt how she got fired…the way she conducts herself on twitter u wld think she b popping off.” 

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After part one of the reunion, Karen also accused Natalie of releasing her number on twitter, insulting reunion with host Vivica A. Fox, and of starting a fake blog to attack her and others. Natalie denies all of it and responded, “No I did not get fired.” 

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Speaking out about all the Natalies issues, and in particular, how their inauthentic drama over-ran the show this season, Big Ang and Renee Graziano are expressing their disappointment.

Saying they are “mentally exhausted” by Natalie G’s behavior, Ang is incredulous at the lengths she’ll go. “The things that come out of her mouth, I’ve never heard half of the things that this girl says. She hits below the belt.” 

The ladies also discuss the infamous “Ratalie” tape and why viewers never got to hear or see it. “They were going to put it on and the production stopped it,” Ang explains. Renee added, “It’s against the law in the state of New York. We could let each other listen to it but you can’t put that out.”

“The tape basically said that he was in Atlantic City partying, she got jealous — straight admitted to it — and then called his parole officer and had him violated,” Renee reveals. “And you basically put somebody in jail. So that’s not okay. I think that Natalie and her boyfriend [London Rene] happen to be regular people just trying to make it like they are not. I don’t think they are too much into the mob thing.” 

Renee clarifies a lot will be cleared-up during the reunion, the second part of which airs tonight. “There is a lot of truth telling,” she tells OK! Magazine. And Vivica was a “fabulous” host. 

Ang revealed Vivica did get upset at one point “because there are things that come out of [Guercio and  DiDonato’s] mouths that are disgusting. They don’t care about anything.” Renee agreed, “There’s hatred there.” 

“And they don’t even know each other,” Ang scoffs. “How do you hate someone so much you don’t even know!? They are two of a kind if you ask me.” Ang also calls Nat D. a “fraud.”

As for the sixth season, the ladies are hopeful both Natalies will be disappeared from the cast and it can get back to the core group. “We want it to be about us,” says Ang. Added Renee, “We want to bring it back home. I think we lost it this season, and I can’t have that.” 

“I won’t be having that next season,” insists Renee, whose sister is the Executive Producer. “Even if the old Renee has got to come back, I’m going to step outside, have a conversation with God and control that.”

“There needs to be a line of respect. And if those two girls want to do whatever they want, they have to do it on their own. In all honesty, this is way deeper,” Renee says. “This is more about family, what has happened to our lives because of the lifestyle we chose. This ain’t about a bunch of girls fist fighting, calling each other bitch and whore. It’s not about that.” 

Well, it seems pretty certain Natalie’s days are numbered on the show since she doesn’t get along with anyone, is a fraud, a phony, a rat, a liar, and well the list goes on… 


[Photo Credit: VH1]