Former Real Housewives Of Miami Star Ana Quincoces Arrested!

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Real Housewives; real problems! Ana Quincoces, the one-time star of the seemingly-canceled Real Housewives Of Miami, was arrested Sunday night for driving on a suspended a license with knowledge. Her excuse: cockroaches!

Ana, who parlayed her post-Bravo stint into a career as a chef, claims she was staying in a real estate agent friend’s cockroach invested listing and had to flee because she fears roaches – even though her license was suspended! Ana was arrested Key Largo, FL on Sunday early morning after police spotted and “recognized” her SUV during a security check of a local park around 3:40 in the morning. She was taken to the Plantation Key jail on the misdemeanor charge and released on her own recognizance Sunday at 5:14 a.m.

You can see Ana’s mugshot below!


ana quincoces mugshot

Ana, an ATTORNEY, insists that the police “are overzealous” and her arrest was unwarranted because her license suspension was the result of an “administrative glitch.” However, the arresting officer tells a different story. 

Ana explains she was desperate to get home because she fears cockroaches and couldn’t take it. She insists she had no idea her license was suspended. “I just wanted to get home,” she said in a  statement. “I didn’t realize I had a suspended license.” Police say Ana absolutely knew she had a suspended license. 

The arresting officer’s report says he “recognized” Ana’s SUV and the driver through window as a result of a “previous disturbance call” to her residence. In fact, during that previous call the officers maintains Ana was informed that her license had been suspended on Feb 9th, was told “not to drive” and her license was “seized” by police at that time. The report continues, “Quincoces was informed by me and Sgt. [Sydney] Whitehouse that her Florida drivers license had been suspended indefinitely.” 

When Ana was pulled over on Sunday night the officer “began to ask Quincoces why she was driving the vehicle after being told not to drive … she was unable to provide a valid answer,” reports the Miami Herald. The officer explained Ana had been given “several warnings and chances … given during our previous encounter,” and he “even explained to Quincoces the reasons why” they took her license earlier.

It does not specify why Ana’s license was suspended.

The former reality star got engaged in 2013 but has not tied the knot, she has since called RHOM fake and labeled former friend Marysol Patton a famewhore and liar. Since leaving RHOM Ana has appeared on several other shows and released a cookbook. Hilariously, according to her instagram, Ana spent the weekend attending a fundraising event where she partied with Jeb Bush Jr


[Photo Credits: Daniel Tanner/ & Monroe County Sheriff’s Department]