Blood, Sweat And Heels Season 2 Premiere! Secrets and the City

Blood Sweat & Heels - Season 2

I have been firmly two stilettos on board with Blood, Sweat and Heels since the show premiered last season. In the overblown world of Bravo Housewives shows, BS&H served up something different: i.e. real women doing mostly real things in a surreal environment. Now season 2 is upon us with most of the original cast intact, plus a few new wild cards thrown in to stir things up.

Back from last season we have New Yorkers Daisy Lewellyn, wacky TV personality and style guide author, Demetria Lucas D’Oyley, dubbed the “black Carrie Bradshaw” for her blogging/writing prowess, Geneva Thomas, style marketing director, Melyssa Ford, former video vixen and current real estate protégé, and Mica Hughes, (my FAVE!) former model and current modeling/talent coach. New faces this season include Arzo Anwar, Afghan native & celebrity stylist, and Chantelle Fraser, founder of “Flawless NYC” agency, which books entertainment and talent for high end events. The only castmate axed from last season’s lineup was Brie Blythewood, resident bougie chick. Good riddance to her wooden carcass, I say.

We begin with a recap of last season, which pitted team Demetria/Geneva against team Daisy/Melyssa/Mica. Much of last season’s drama had to do with Demetria and Geneva claiming Mica was an alcoholic who couldn’t control her behavior. This season, start at Mica’s apartment where she’s meeting with her assistant, Jose, to move furniture and discuss her recent breakup with 2-year boyfriend Terry. She had trust issues with him and asked him to move out. She says she wishes him the best, but didn’t want to settle. She’s focused on her career now and loves herself more now than she did when she was younger. She’s also still totally insane and dancing/chair twerking/rapping through all of her interview segments. Yessssss!

Melyssa has co-conceived a musical comedy based on her life and is across town reading from a script of, uh, questionable content. She doesn’t want to be “just a realtor” anymore. I though she didn’t want to be “just a video vixen” last season? Huh. Demetria comes to watch the train wreck that appears to be group rehearsals for Melyssa’s ill conceived musical comedy. She comments, “Uh it looks great…but what is it?” Good question! Melyssa wants Demetria’s honest feedback, which she gives. She feels proud of Melyssa for producing this play despite the mild stank-eye she gives her as Melyssa explains the concept. Demetria’s been writing a new book and planning her upcoming wedding to boyfriend Greg. Despite her busy schedule, Demetria promises to come to Melyssa’s play when it debuts.

Mica comes to visit Daisy’s apartment to catch up with her over yogurt and donuts. Daisy’s hair is looking on point this season for sure. Melyssa calls to cancel. She also tells Daisy she’s hurt because Daisy has blown her off in recent months. Daisy tells Mica she has reasons for being so isolated from the public eye recently. She’s been diagnosed with a rare form of bile duct cancer. He makeup artist noticed the whites of her eyes were turning green, so she sought medical attention. The doctor removed a tumor in her bile duct, but found more cells so she’s been going through chemo. She’s stage 3, which is just heartbreaking. Daisy interviews that she never thought she’d be going through this at 34 years old, but her faith is strong and she believes God will carry her through this. She says, “I can’t not love God just because I’m having a tough time.”  Mica says she’s there for her 100% and loves her. Daisy is rocking her positive vibes and her killer wig – and I just love her for it! Go Daisy.

Geneva is in her new 480-square foot apartment dreaming of the penthouse she’ll live in one day when she marries royalty. She says this year’s going to be big. She’s her own boss now. Did she lose her job? Ah, well. Now she lives down by the financial district, so all she has to do it walk outside and grab a guy in a navy suit to foot the bill and she’s good to go. Right? Right.

Demetria and Greg are getting incredibly awkward engagement photos done – at the request of her mother. She sees no point in it, but goes through the motions of looking like she’s sort-of in love with Greg as they sit on a stoop and scowl. “We’re not really a PDA couple,” says Demetria. It shows. They both look like they’d rather be filing taxes than taking these engagement photos, but Demetria says she’s excited. Mmm hmmm.

Daisy and her assistant Jazmine are prepping for a segment on the Today Show about fashion for curvy girrrrllllzzz. Her segment on the show is all about how to “whittle you middle” with clothes than hide the muffin top. Daisy says cancer won’t slow her dreams down no matter what. She doesn’t need any “double C’s – cancer and career – unless it’s on a Chanel bag. Word.

Melyssa’s meeting Mica for lunch. Mica says she and ex-Terry are totally cool even though it’s over. Melyssa suspects Terry’s previous 20-year relationship that he left for Mica probably has some “residual issues” going on. Melyssa is still single, so hopefully this season will hold a lot of single girls’ nights out for these two spitfires. Melyssa tells Mica about her play, which Mica has already seen promoted in her Dominican hair salon. So Melyssa’s PR is going well then. Hmmm. Mica’s heard Demetria has been trash talking her behind her back, but she’s open to talking to her since they run in the same circles. Melyssa is still upset that Daisy has been MIA with her lately. Mica doesn’t feel it’s her place to spill the news about Daisy’s cancer diagnosis, but does encourage her to talk to Daisy directly about their issues. Not spill someone else’s secrets!? What kind of Bravo show is this!? An actual LOYAL friend!?!?! Let’s just take a moment to understand this strange and new reality TV phenomenon.

Back at the Today Show, Daisy’s getting ready for her segment. She interviews that her health scare has been hardest on her parents, especially her father who she’s very close to. On her segment with the loony bin twins, Hoda & Kathy Lee, Daisy is a total pro…even if her fashions are a bit dicey.

Demetria & Geneva are taking a walk to furniture shop for Geneva’s new 480-square feet of hard livin’. Demetria says she doesn’t want a wedding reception or a bachelorette party…or engagement photos…(or a wedding? or a man?). She tells Geneva about Melyssa’s new play and says things are fine with her, but that Daisy and Mica have been icing her out hard since their fight last season.

Mica’s out on a walk in the park with her mom, who’s a pastor. Mica’s mom is close with Daisy and suspects that Daisy told her mom about her illness before she told her. Apparently ex-Terry is also calling Mica’s mom up to say, “Hey mom!” every now and again too. Mica seems unfazed, but that’s just straight up weird and mildly psychotic. Mica says she needs to find a rich man or a turkey baster. She says her mom could use one too. Man, not baster.

Finally – Daisy and Melyssa are meeting for lunch. Melyssa expresses her hurt feeling over Daisy not showing up to her events lately. Daisy explains what’s been going on with her health and Melissa’s face immediately falls. Daisy, sweetie that she is, actually apologizes for “upsetting” Melyssa, who breaks down into the ugly cry right away. Daisy reiterates that she doesn’t want anyone else to know right now and she just wants to be treated like herself.

Season 2 sneak peeks show the ladies making up a bit, the addition of 2 new cast mates, Daisy’s cancer journey, Geneva getting arrested, Demetria getting married, and heated fights flaring up with the newbies. And of course – lots and lots of killer fashion!


 Photo Credit:  Mathieu Young/Bravo