Blood, Sweat, and Heels Recap: A Few Bad Apples

blood sweat and heels

It’s time to revisit the Hamptons for the ladies of Blood, Sweat, and Heels, and so far it’s not going well. Whodathunkit? This place seems cursed ever since last season’s fiasco at the very same locale. This year, the ladies are making a weekend getaway out of Demetria Lucas upcoming wedding photo shoot, taking place at a castle nearby. Daisy Lewellyn is upset about the laughing and snickering Demetria, Melyssa Ford, and Arzo Anwar were engaging in the night prior as Daisy was updating Geneva Thomas on her cancer news. She feels disrespected and slighted. While Geneva eats breakfast in her shades, she ponders why Demetria is so shady. She didn’t invite Geneva to the wedding photoshoot (and uninvited her to her wedding…sort of), so a hurting Geneva calls her mom for support, then discusses the mess with Mica Hughes (of all people!) and Arzo. Who did Demetria invite along to the shoot? Melyssa. Yes, let’s just let that sink in for a moment.

At her photo shoot, Demetria’s mother Camille meets her for support. Demetria looks up to her mother as the OG feminist who is her greatest role model, although she admits her mother is more proud of Demetria getting married than of all her writing and business accomplishments. Which isn’t very feministy of her. The grounds of the shoot are gorgeous, but back at Casa de Leftovers, the girls are griping about the fact that Melyssa is suddenly Demetria’s BFF. Chantelle Fraser takes Arzo aside to apologize for her perceived “racist” comment, which Arzo accepts, then apologizes in return for her insults against Chantelle. Back at the castle, Demetria’s getting her inner princess on. So, what are the Leftovers to do? The entire group heads to an apple orchard to get their inner Girl Scout on instead. Boom.


Demetria tells her fiance Greg that she didn’t invite Geneva to the photoshoot because of him. Although she’s trying to “keep the peace” with her man, Demetria interviews that she wishes Geneva were there. Meanwhile, Geneva is getting heated as the ladies drive to the apple orchard, reminding her how ridiculous and petty Demetria is being at every turn. Chantelle especially takes issue with Demetria uninviting Geneva to her wedding based on Geneva standing up for Chantelle at the book launch upset. “I just think it’s really b*tch a$$ of Greg,” says Geneva. Well, he’s gonna see that moment on the footage this week, Geneva, whether you went to the wedding or not! Geneva gets a phone call from a friend and take the opportunity to trash talk Demetria and Greg as loudly as possible, making Arzo side-eye her a bit (And maybe making her a bit nervous? She is the “cabbie” of this vehicle, after all.). 

At the photo shoot, the props are ready and so is Demetria, all decked out in a poofy gown. Demetria finds it difficult to let go and work the camera, and tells the photographer about 100 times that she’s too “controlled” and “conservative” and this is just too weird! Finally, she strikes half a pose or two and manages to get some good shots out of the deal, like “constipated bride” and “frozen running man.” Meanwhile Melyssa lets her mind wander down video vixen lane again – a road she travels often – to remind us that, yes, she was a video vixen and erstwhile “model” back in the day. Just in case we forgot. For one second. But now she’s a serious business woman, yo! So stop asking her about it already. Jeeeez.  

Back at apple picking, Mica is not feeling the task at hand. Melyssa arranged this little field trip, then abandoned ship, so the girls are not happy campers. They attempt to pick an apple or two, then grab some cider (or beer?) to sit down and debrief about the prior night’s events. Daisy didn’t want Geneva to find out about her cancer so abruptly and admits she was hurt by some of the girls’ (ahem, Arzo) drunken giggling while she shared info about her struggles. Arzo admits she was pretty tipsy the night before, and Geneva pipes up to explain Demetria’s behavior away as “just who Demetria is” (i.e., non-emotional). Chantelle interrupts to shut that sh*t down, saying Geneva doesn’t need to bow down to queen Demetria, nor should she defend her behavior. Especially considering Demetria’s current treatment of her “good friend,” Geneva. Daisy breaks down in tears, saying she finds her cancer hard to talk about, so if she’s sharing feelings about it, the last thing she wants to see if people snickering and hamming it up on the sidelines while she pours her heart out. Mica says she was pissed too, but Arzo sticks up for Geneva too, claiming she does care even if she doesn’t show it. How would she know? Daisy thinks Demetria is heartless for knowing – for weeks – that Daisy had cancer, yet never calling to check on her. And therein lies the root of this problem.

Over in Demetria-Land, where awkward photo shoots and questionable dress #2 rule, she is really feeling like a bride today, despite all of her prior reservations about having a traditional, girly wedding. Greg joins her in the shot…just to amp up the awkward meter one more decibel. And…that’s a wrap.

Mica and Daisy break into a step routine back at the house to snap them out of their funk, then take off with the rest of the ladies for dinner. Demetria and Melyssa join them later, and the tension is palpable, especially from Geneva as Melyssa gushes over Demetria’s fancy dresses and fancy self. Geneva does come around though, laughing with Demetria about re-inviting her to the wedding, which Demetria says “we will work out.” Chantelle is not so jovial though, and tells Demetria straight up that she feels owed an apology for Greg’s treatment of her at the book launch. Demetria is shocked that Chantelle would demand an apology for basically acting ratchet at her event and goes straight into ignoring mode, until Chantelle drags her back into the fray. She calls Demetria a narcissist and questions her cruel intentions in disinviting Geneva to her wedding. 

Geneva just wants the madness to stop, but Chantelle is not bowing – or backing – down. She tells Demetria, “You don’t give a f*k about anybody else,” to which Demetria replies, “No, I don’t give a f*k about you. Let me be very clear. You can drink your drink, I’m done with you.” Oh, Lord! Here comes Melyssa to defend Demetria’s honor by chirping some gibberish. Then Demetria tells Chantelle, “You’re reaching, and your arms are too short.” Then comes the line we’ve been waiting for all season! Chantelle snipes, “And your waist is too big.” Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Silence descends over the table as Demetria shakes her coffee cup in protest. Then the ladies choke down some oysters while Geneva pulls Chantelle outside to beg her to keep the peace. Chantelle reluctantly agrees. But shots have been fired. And there’s casualties on the ground now. 

Back at the house, Melyssa declares that the kitchen is disgusting, so they need to clean. Everyone punks out on cleaning duty while Demetria tells Geneva she’s punking out of the weekend altogether. She’s leaving tonight despite Geneva’s pleas. Geneva does tell Demetria about Daisy breaking down earlier over her hurt feelings over Demetria’s coldness. Demetria calls Daisy in to basically school her on talking out of turn at the orchard. What the WHAT!? This girl is too much. Daisy sits on the edge of the bed while Demetria scolds her for being hurt. By Demetria. Daisy says the real issue is that Demetria has never reached out to her along the way, but Demetria just dumps all over her then tells her it’s “too late” to talk about it that night, and peaces out.  Let’s go ahead and quote the great Louis C.K. here: “When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.”

It’s the last morning of the trip. Daisy pulls Melyssa aside (with Mica) to thank her for inviting them, but tells her about her hurt feelings over the snickering. Melyssa says she’s super sensitive to people being fully present when deep feelings are being shared. She then screams at a bee flying by. Daisy asks why Melyssa hasn’t been there for her, and Melyssa says to just tell her what time and where she needs to be for Daisy, and she’ll be there. Mica questions Melyssa’s friendship though, as she senses Melyssa’s loyalties shifting from the “Louds” to the “Prouds” this year. 


Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo