Blood, Sweat, and Heels Recap: Prayers for Daisy

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On last night’s Blood, Sweat, and HeelsMelyssa Ford becomes even more of a drama queen as the self appointed epic sh*t-stirrer between Geneva Thomas and Demetria Lucas, while Daisy Lewellyn and Mica Hughes face some trying – and sweet – times with their families. We begin at Mica’s apartment where her new fling, Kevin is coming to play kissy-face. Things are moving fast with him, but they haven’t slept together yet, Mica would like us to know. She tells Kevin she wants both of them to be HIV tested before moving forward with a sexual relationship, and Kevin is in agreement. Since Mica’s sister passed away in 2011 from HIV, this issue is close to her heart. Whoa! She’s got an HIV swab test ON HAND. Didn’t see that coming. Kevin gets his swab on and they are in the clear. Mica jokes, “We can go on ahead and get busy right now!” Not knowing much about Kevin beyond this, I’d venture to say he is either a stand up dude, crazy, or reeeeeeeeeeally in lurv with Mica. (Seriously, who agrees to get HIV tested on camera!?!?) 

Daisy is over at her apartment Skyping with her mom. She’s stressed out from the Hamptons trip, so she wants to refocus on her health now. She proposes holding a prayer vigil for herself and wants to include the ladies and her family. The negative energy around her is bringing her down. Daisy’s parents are split up, but she wants them both to come to her vigil, which should be okay because they’re cordial. Daisy is a daddy’s girl, but loves her mom despite their sometimes more distant relationship.  


In Moment of Irony #1, Melyssa heads over to Arzo Anwar’s apartment to get a consultation with an “eyebrow artist.” Please, Picasso, help Ms. Ford out. She looks like she took a busted up sharpie to her forehead this season. YestirDay is sitting on the sidelines while Melyssa and Arzo debrief about the Hamptons. Arzo offers up that Geneva called Greg a “b*tch-a$$” while the ladies were driving to the apple orchard, and Melyssa stops all eyebrow art for a moment to take this news is. Her face reads, “I Have the Power!” as she silently dials Demetria’s number in her head. Speaking of her head, is spilling this news (which we know she certainly will) what eventually gets her noggin bashed by a bottle-wielding Geneva? Perhaps the pieces are finally coming together… Melyssa has no sympathy for Geneva getting disinvited from Demetria’s wedding. She asks Arzo, “Should I tell Demetria?” as if she’s on the fence. YestirDay pipes up to offer his astute commentary: “Sounds like this sh*t is about to be some sh*t.” And scene. 

Meanwhile, Demetria is with her wedding planner, Lauren, visiting her photoshoot designer to tell her she wants a new dress – the dress she fell in love with at the shoot. With only 3 weeks until the wedding and another dress being custom made for her, she feels a little bridezilla with the sudden change. But the dress will happen! And I’m not sure why because the sketch of the first one looked very classic, chic *Demetria*, while this new one. Well, how do I put this in the kindest way possible? It looks more, um, *Disney Wicked Stepsister” meets *Granny’s Doily*. It’s also a 30K dress, but the designer is giving it to her for FREE. So, the deal is sealed. Ugh! Where’s an honest girlfriend when she needs one most!? It’s just not okay, this dress.  

Daisy comes to see Mica, who is on the phone getting updated on her sick grandmother, who recently fell and is in poor health. Daisy reports that radiation is almost over (yay!) and tells Mica about the prayer vigil idea. They start drafting a list of people to invite while Mica updates Daisy on Kevin, who’s moving to NY soon. She tells Daisy about the HIV test, which they dub “precautions for the penis.” Kevin has passed Mica’s test, but in another test across town Demetria is meeting Melyssa and Arzo for what is sure to turn into the biggest test of Geneva and Demetria’s friendship yet: the b*tch comment heard round the world. (Didn’t Geneva, and the rest of earth, already learn from NeNe Leakes not to call Jamaican men b*tches on reality television? It gets very bad, very quickly.) After some small talk, Demetria says she’s re-inviting Geneva to her wedding, with Greg’s permission. Melyssa takes a quick left and tells Demetria that she may change her mind when she hears what Geneva called Greg. Melyssa asks Arzo to tell her, which Arzo does. “She got reckless with her mouth,” says Melyssa, whose recklessness with her mouth in this scene presents Moment of Irony #2 this episode. Arzo thinks Melyssa’s purpose is to get Geneva disinvited to the wedding again. Um, yeah. Arzo adds more ammunition: that Geneva said she’d “unleash the m-f’n dragon!” if Demetria didn’t invite her. Melyssa annoyingly stokes the fire with “Now, is that a good friend, Demetria?” etc, etc… Demetria says Geneva is hurt, not mean. She gets choked up while talking about how close they are and says she’s gotta talk to Geneva to clear this up.

Chantelle Fraser is walking her dog, Milkshake, who apparently moonlights as a dog model. She drops Milkshake at the groomer while she dreams big dreams of Broadway for this family pet. Why is this a storyline? Make it stop! Ok, it stopped.

Moving on – Daisy and her dad head to the doctor to get an update on her health. Her dad asks whether the treatments have been effective and the doctor says they should be cautiously optimistic, but he understandably breaks down in tears outside the radiation room while Daisy gets one of her final treatments. Their close relationship is obvious and both celebrate, looking forward to the prayer vigil ahead. Oh.My.Lord.

Back to Milkshake, the dog who’s owner’s thirsty thirstiness surpasses all human reason. Chantelle takes Milkshake to a new “agent” (who looks like she just wandered out of a brokedown flamenco bar) to fill her in on Milkshake’s many skills. These skills include not responding to any command Chantelle coos at him. The “agent” wanders off, snarking “Don’t quit your day job!” while Milkshake devises a master plan in his head to escape later (after his seared halibut dinner). Back to Daisy and dad! As they walk home from the appointment, they discuss how Daisy’s cancer has actually brought her mom and dad together, for which they are grateful. They take a moment to pray together before heading home to plan the vigil. 

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Daisy’s mom has arrived to attend the vigil, but first Daisy updates her on the weird vibes she’s been getting from some of the ladies, especially Demetria. Her mom says it’s sometimes hard to know what to say, then breaks down in tears about not even knowing what to say herself when folks ask about Daisy’s health. Daisy admits she’s too independent at times, not letting her mom in as much as she could. They hug and Daisy apologizes for not reaching out enough. Then in a very touching scene, Daisy shows her mom her hair (which is growing back) under her wig. Daisy looks so vulnerable in this moment, yet still has such a lightness of being and positive spirit. I just have to give Daisy all the props in the world for her willingness to keep it real. She has to be inspiring other women who are going, or have gone through this arduous journey as well.

In sad news, Mica’s 91-year old grandmother passed away, so she and Kevin are about to get on the road for a visitation. Mica is upset that she didn’t get to see her one more time before she died; she can’t believe it was just weeks ago that she visited her grandmother, who seemed fine. Having lost her sister, then her father, and now her grandmother in the past four years is taking a toll on Mica.

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It’s the night of the prayer vigil. Daisy realizes she hasn’t seen her parents together since her high school graduation, even though this event feels sort of like a funeral. Everyone shows up except Mica, who’s heading home with family, and Demetria, who’s out of town. Geneva attends even though she also just received tragic news that her aunt died of breast cancer. She says her aunt would have wanted her to attend Daisy’s vigil, even though Geneva really feels like hopping on a plane to Detroit to be with family. Daisy thanks everyone, then her father says a prayer before the lighting of the candles. Geneva is especially touched by the service and shares the news of her aunt with the group. Daisy speaks last and, once again, encourages everyone to choose life and light, not death and darkness. She wants the ladies to stop with the drama and backstabbing because it serves no one. She says everyone should treat others like they have cancer; be kind now, not just when someone is facing death. Amen!

On next week’s finale, Demetria gets hitched…and Melyssa gets stitched! Will we actually see the broken bottle incident? Previews reveal police officers confronting Geneva, so it’s about to go down. Yikes!    


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