Blood, Sweat, and Heels Finale Recap: Happily Never After

blood sweat and heels

I can’t believe it’s the season 2 finale of Blood, Sweat, and Heels! Is it just me, or was this season waaaaaaay too short? Bravo, please give us more of these ladies next season (and please, please let there be a next season, period).

In full disclosure, I have to admit I’m connecting to Mica Hughes recent loss of her 91-year old grandmother in a special way tonight, as I lost my own 91-year old grandmother just this morning. A second mother to me, she went peacefully, surrounded by love and family and I got to see her right up until the end. I know reality television is good fodder for snark (don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of it with this finale!), but it’s poignant to realize that we’re all connected in strange, surreal, and plain old human ways too. Now, on to the show. Which tonight, friends, is one HOT mess. 🙂


We open with Chantelle Fraser prepping a “Flawless” yacht party to showcase her company, which is an “elite” national talent casting agency. She says business is ho-hum right now, so a lot is riding on the success of this event, which is costing her upwards of 40K. If she doesn’t get new clients from this, it might be a financial disaster. Over at Demetria Lucas apartment, she’s stressing about the falling out between her fiance Greg and her bestie Geneva Thomas. She can’t just throw away a friend, so Demetria convinced Greg to re-invite Geneva to the wedding. Because they don’t live together yet, other concessions are in order too, like Demetria giving up closet space for Greg when he moves in. Girl, just buy him a rolling rack! Once you concede the closet space, you never get it back. This closet culling of dresses might be more traumatizing than the wedding drama. #GiveGregTwoDrawers

It’s the night of Chantelle’s event and she’s getting zipped into a dress in back of a broken partition, rocking rollers in her weave, and basically freaking out. She gets herself together in time to do some press as guests arrive. Geneva – looking shockingly fab in her blue dress! – arrives first, followed by Daisy Lewellyn. Geneva tells Daisy that she’ll definitely be going to Demetria’s wedding and the drama is squashed , for now. Mica sashays in, followed closely by Arzo Anwar and Melyssa Ford. Geneva is side-eyeing Melyssa, who’s been trash talking and sh*t stirring the hell out of Geneva ever since the Hamptons. The ladies mingle separately while Chantelle works the room. Daisy isn’t feeling well, so she decides to head out early. She’s frustrated because chemo and radiation are almost done, but the side effects of treatment are hitting her hard. Daisy, your decision to leave early tonight may be the best one you’ve ever made. Oh wait – Mica finds Daisy a room on board for her to lie down in a while to catch her breath. Daisy breaks down in tears while Mica calls a car to come fetch her friend. Love these ladies’ friendship.

In a much less loving moment up on deck, Melyssa is sticking her nose and her enormous eyebrows where they don’t belong: in Geneva and Demetria’s friendship. She asks Geneva (who looks ready to smash that bottle over Melyssa’s head, like, right now) if she understands “how hurt Demetria is?” Geneva considers homicide, like Melyssa’s formerly off-off-Broadway play suggests, while she gives Melyssa an over the shoulder “I already talked to MY friend” shut-down response. Melyssa’s not a confrontational person, she says (mmm hmm) so what does she do? She keeps poking the angry bear that is Geneva anyway, telling her she wasn’t honest about calling Greg a “b*tch a$$” while Geneva, who’s getting more heated by the second, repeatedly tells her to take a seat and stay out of it. Geneva, who just buried her aunt, is not feeling this confrontational moment…brought to us by non-confrontational Melyssa Ford.

Now for a break in the action: Daisy is below deck feeling awful, waiting for her cab with Mica, who’s taking her temperature with a thermometer from her purse. Aww. #thatswhatfriendsarefor


Not helping matters upstairs, Arzo The Annoying sits by Melyssa’s side chiming in with her lame remarks, as heard through her nasal passages alone. But Melyssa doesn’t need help acting a fool. Geneva’s hand is going up and Melyssa’s drinks are going down, then Geneva is standing over Melyssa trying to shut her down while Arzo stands up to add some nonsense. But it’s when Melyssa snarks, “you are the queen of lawsuits after all” and starts calling Geneva out on the cab/jail situation, that Geneva goes HAM. Melyssa stands up to face her rival, practically falling over in her tipsy state. Then Arzo is touching Geneva and Geneva is all “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me, Arzo!”

Suddenly, the camera cuts away, we hear glass breaking (thanks Bravo sound editors!), then we cut back to Melyssa (is that blood on her head?) backing up from broken glass all over the floor. Geneva is being boxed in by event security. Oh, the irony! Geneva getting security up in her sh*t at Chantelle’s party? #whereisgreg?  Geneva’s bleeding on her chest and Melyssa is marching through the boat screaming “This is going to ruin my career!” while Arzo interviews that she was trying to hold Melyssa back, but had no idea it would escalate to this point. Really, Arzo? Have.A.Seat.    

Meanwhile, Chantelle, none the wiser, is speechifying up on a balcony, thanking her friends for such support. She and Mica wonder, where’s Geneva? Well, ladies, Geneva has de-boarded just in time for the police to confront her. Melssya is also giving (the police?) a breakdown of what happened: she tried to “peel” her friends apart, then she was attacked. Geneva interviews “This was not an attack. This was a fight.” She says when “hands started being put on one another” she did throw an ice bucket, then Melyssa threw glass and “things went from there.” How NOT helpful is this breakdown, ya’ll? We need a FACT sheet, Geneva! Facts or no facts, Geneva get arrested. Again. She’s handcuffed and irate because SHE wants to press charges. Back on board, Chantelle, Mica, and Daisy are shocked to get word about the ratchet fiasco. Mica is just grateful that God worked in a mysterious way to remove Daisy and her from the fray.

The next day, Daisy reaches out to Melyssa via voicemail. No voicemail to Geneva though, cause she’s still locked up! Arzo reports that Melyssa had to be rushed to the hospital with injuries warranting 3 staples in her head. “It wasn’t just a fight,” she says, “It was an altercation.” Uh, okay. Mica and Daisy both profess that violence is never the answer, and Daisy says a prayer for Geneva while she does her time in the pokey. After serving 24 hours in jail, Geneva is released on to the unsuspecting public with an upcoming court date, but she claims no charges have been pinned on her yet – technically. She does confess she’s being threatened with the charges of felony assault and possession of a weapon, though. She feels devastated, humiliated, and disappointed in herself. Geneva, in a brief moment of maturity, admits that everything does not require a reaction. 

Wow. I almost forgot Demetria’s getting married! But, here it is: her wedding day. She can’t believe what’s transpired between Melyssa and Geneva, but she focuses on calmly getting ready for her big day. Melyssa, for obvious reasons, won’t be attending Demetria’s wedding. Across town, Chantelle visits Geneva to console her and Geneva apologizes for “ruining” her event. She says she should have just walked away, but her emotions took over. The dragon was metaphorically released, I guess. Geneva interviews that she only blames herself for the mess and, as a result of the fallout, isn’t going to attend Demetria’s wedding either. Dang, women! I haven’t been a fan of Demetria 100% of the time, but she does not deserve these messy besties besmirching what should be one of the best days in her life. Fools, thy names are Melyssa and Geneva.


While Demetria is getting her bride on, Mica and Chantelle are getting their pink on to celebrate Daisy’s first taste of champagne since her cancer treatments have ended. Daisy is touched by her friends’ efforts and she says her cancer diagnosis has given her a new appreciation for life. She toasts to life, to friends, and to bringing more positive energy into the world. Cheers!

At Demetria’s wedding, second-tier invitee Arzo shows up since the rest of Demetria’s friends are #ridiculous. Demetria is grateful to spend the rest of her life with Greg, and that she peed before walking down the aisle. This dress is not my favorite, but she looks stunning as a bride anyway. And the wedding, ceremony, and venue – especially those flowers! – are all beautiful. Demetria seems truly happy as they are presented as husband and wife for the first time. Demetria says love is not just a feeling, it’s an action, and she and Greg are ready to take on the world together from here on out. 

Back at Daisy’s pink party, the ladies are surprised that Geneva and Melyssa didn’t make it to Demetria’s wedding, but Arzo did. Mica hopes the petty cattiness ends so they can support each other. But the best news of the night (and the season!) comes when Daisy reports that she is officially in REMISSION from cancer! It’s been an intense year, says Daisy, but she is victorious. Chantelle, Daisy, and Mica toast to friendship while Daisy hopes they can all tap into the love within themselves to become a positive force in this world.


Photo Credit: Bravo