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Doctors had bad news this week for beloved Mob Wives star Big Ang (aka Angela Raiola)!  Big Ang is being treated for a throat tumor that was recently discovered after she complained of pain.  What they found was tumor – the size of a lemon! 

Even though the tumor was discovered earlier in the week and it’s reported that surgery will happen (or possibly did happen), she was on hand to promote a new reality show in NYC on Tuesday afternoon.

TMZ reports:

 According to our sources, earlier this week Ang was admitted to a Staten Island hospital where doctors will soon perform surgery to remove the tumor. We’re told it is not yet known whether the tumor is cancerous. 

Ang hasn’t shared any info on social media yet, but we’ll keep you posted if you she does now that the story is out there. 
Our thoughts are with Big Ang and hope that surgery goes off without a hitch and she has a speedy recovery. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

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