RHONY’s Dorinda Medley Talks Divorce, Ramona, and Being #TeamBerkshires

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 7

In her Bravo blog, new gal Dorinda Medley gives us her take on this season’s start of the Real Housewives on New York, and she keeps her cheese on her cracker and her napkin in her lap for now. (But wouldn’t it be incredible to see her let loose at some point? Please let that happen at a future Sonja Morgan burlesque circus side show!)   Dorinda starts her blog by announcing her Berkshires allegiance: “As you may or may not know, I am not a Hamptons girl; I am #TeamBerkshires. But hey, this could be fun too, right?” 

As close as Dorinda and Ramona Singer have been over the years, she’d never been to Ramona’s Hamptons home. Hmm. Fishy? Displacing Sonja Morgan in the guest suite was a first-time perk! “Meeting Lady Morgan was a nice little adventure, too. She’s so beautiful. And I can totally see why Ramona gets flustered with her and her tendency to monopolize a conversation. But Sonja is a trip. I really like her,” Dorinda kindly says…because she doesn’t want to be labeled the “Bethenny” of the group yet. 


Commenting on Luann de Lesseps’ estate sale, Dorinda quips, “In the Berkshires, we call it a tag sale. Not as fancy, but much more real.” #teamtagsale! Conceding that it must have been hard to basically liquidate 22 years of Luann’s life in a tag sale (which we are totally calling it from here on in!), Dorinda says, “I was excited to see Luann’s new house and watch her new beginnings flourish. I’m so proud of her.”

As for meeting the rest of the ladies, Dorinda says, “Meeting Kristen (Taekman) and Carole (Radiziwill) was a breeze. They strolled into the estate sale with Heather (Thomson) and were as kind and as a welcoming as I expected them to be. Very, very sweet.” But she admits being a bit nervous to meet Bethenny Frankel. WHY all the nerves, ladies? The pope she is not. Dorinda tells the story: “At the cocktail party that night, I finally met Bethenny…at last! I was excited and a bit nervous, since she has quite the reputation. And all the good things I’ve heard…they were right! All the girls seemed happy to see her, but there was some sort of weird tension with Ramona that I didn’t really understand. It was almost like a Mexican standoff —a designer standoff, but a stand off.” Dorinda says she was surprised to see “Ramona “KellyBensimoning” Bethenny. It was weird and pretty tense, to be honest,” adding, “Honestly, I don’t care where I go to brunch, as long as there’s food and good company.”


Moving on to the full-on RamonaCoaster, Dorinda comments on wanting to be there during Ramona’s divorce. “For me, that weekend was mainly about supporting Ramona and really letting her know that I was there—that we were all there—for her, and that I understand what she is going through. After a long, happy marriage, divorce is a real bitch. Part of you dies. It’s that serious.” After the lawyers’ fees and division of assets and, in Ramona’s case, trying not to kill dirtbag Mario with a motor scooter next time she sees his lying butt strolling down a Hamptons back road, Dorinda says it’s all about moving on. “In the end, if there ever really is an end to a divorce, you end up splitting your life up in half… (but it’s really ‘half of the half,’ because the lawyers took most of it), only to run into the bastard in the grocery store with a new woman two weeks later. That’s a pretty crappy situation.”


Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo