Luann de Lesseps Demands: Everyone Be Cool! Doesn’t Trust Ramona Yet

luann de lesseps white coat

I don’t know about you, but I could watch a GIF of Luann de Lesseps‘ saying “Everybody be cool…don’t be all…uncool” on constant rotation right now on my TV and it wouldn’t get old. This season’s Housewives MVP for “Best Transformation From Frigid Condescending Countess to Cool Chick I’d Love to Hang Out With in the Hamptons” goes to: LUANN! 

Luann starts out her Real Housewives of New York Bravo blog this week by claiming, “This is one of my favorite episodes this season.” Citing the origins of her estate sale idea, Luann tells us that the new owners planned on building a “mega mansion” on the property and were going to tear her old house down. “So I figured: Why not sell it all? And voila! Banisters, flooring, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures…all found their way to new happy homes! It was a really great way for me to move on to the next chapter of my life, and I am loving this chapter of my life!” says Luann. She adds, “Of course, it was a little weird having people sift through my stuff, but decluttering and letting go of things I’d been holding onto for years was so freeing.”


“I was surprised to see Ramona and Lady Morgan at the estate sale, but both of them have a knack for the unexpected, as you know,” says Luann. As for the apology? That showed up out of nowhere too! “Boy, was Ramona’s apology unexpected!” she comments. “For the past six years, I’ve had a front-row seat on The Ramonacoaster, and she’s been terribly unkind with me, my children, my friends and, well, just really uncool. When I was going through my divorce, she was far from understanding and pretty horrible. She’s now walking in my shoes, and she’s been incredibly humbled by it.”

“It’s been five years since my divorce, and while it was hard to endure, it ultimately made me a stronger woman, a better mother and a more caring friend,” says Luann. And although Ramona may have apologized, Luann isn’t ready move on so easily. The Ramonacoaster stops for no one!  Adds Luann: “RaMEANa is gone, it seems, and I like this new Ramona. I can forgive her, but it’s hard for me to forget all of the stormy weather our ‘friend-ship’ has experienced.”

As for the other women in her new Hamptons home for the soiree, Luann snarks, “I didn’t think I had to keep my eye on Carole (Radiziwill), but I noticed she was using her schtick on Adam [the chef], and she was laying it on thick! Funny how she suddenly became fascinated by cooking…Well, Tinder was frozen, it seems, and Carole swiped right in my kitchen.” HA! Though she was happy to see Sonja Morgan of the Order of the Dirty Blazer show up, Luann does comment that “she brought a whole new meaning to BYOB.” As for Dorinda Medley, Luann confirms “yes, it’s true: Dorinda and I did fall in love on the dance floor at a Bar Mitzvah, and we’ve been bosom buddies ever since. I love that sassy lass, and I was so happy to welcome her with the rest of the ladies to my new house.”

Moving on to BrunchGate, Luann comments that no housewarming party can ever be easy with this group of women, but the fight broke out over nothing this time in her opinion: “I say: Anyone can invite anyone to anything. It’s up to the guests to ask their host(ess), ‘Do you mind?’ I mean, I love being spontaneous and all, and if I have too many invitations for one day, that’s a pretty great problem to have!” Outside the house, trying to act as the buffer between Ramona and Bethenny Frankel after the argument, Luann says it was just like old times: “Two titans going at it and Yours Truly brokering a peace. (It was a little too #ScaryIsland, in all honesty.) I understand why it’s hard for Bethenny to trust Ramona…even if it is the new and improved Ramona.”

The New and Improved Luann signs off telling us to “watch what happens to see who ends up winning Brunchgate” next week. “And remember…Be cool.” #whoisthismaskedcountess?


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