Blood, Sweat, and Heels Recap: Pop Goes the Runway!

blood sweat and heels

Yes! It’s the night of the pop-up runway show and some police…uh, interference. Last night on Blood, Sweat, and Heels, it’s Fashion Week in NYC and the ladies are prepping their various businesses in hopes of forwarding their names in the industry. Geneva Thomas, apparently now a fashion journalist who studied fashion at NYU, scored a 1-on-1 interview with designer Byron Lars, which she’s proud of. In another proud moment later tonight, Geneva will be showing us how to pair police handcuffs with a low patent leather pump (spoiler alert!). Daisy Lewellen is werking the mike off-off stage somewhere, where the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been cordoned off: well, at least Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore, who describe who they’re wearing, then peace out. Daisy’s running hard again, covering 6-7 fashion shows a day (and modeling her new Beyonce-inspired wigs!).

Mica Hughes is checking out bar/restaurant venues for her “pop up runway show.” Bottom line: it’s a fashion show with a flash mob feel. What can go wrong, I ask you? I guess the restaurant they’re scoping out will soon host unsuspecting patrons whose happy hours are interrupted by models and Mica popping out of nowhere working a makeshift runway. Please let this happen to me at some point in my life!


Melyssa Ford is at her apartment chatting with Arzo Anwar on the phone about her lackluster love life. She’s prepping for a date with a new man, but is not planning on getting her drink on – or giving away her cookies – on the first date. Daisy and Demetria Lucas meet for lunch post-hugging-it-out and Daisy reminisces about what good friends they used to be. Demetria jokes about her book and her wedding not happening because she’s stalling on both. Even though their banter is light and easy, Daisy is not ready to tell Demetria about the “Big C” because she wants to rekindle their friendship based on real feelings, not sympathy.

On her date with new prospect Victor, Melyssa gushes that she finally got set up with a hottie and, oh, she’s ovulating right now, so…Check, Please! She asks him deep questions about working out, matchmaking services, and how he feels being a man. Whah? Victor’s in no rush to have kids, which slows Melyssa’s roll a bit, so they eat their spinach salads in silence before calling it an early night.

At Chantelle Fraser’s apartment, we meet her super cute dog Milkshake and her even cuter brother. Although they didn’t grow up with money, Chantelle’s always been ambitious. She hasn’t seen her brother in 3 years and he’s been busy working in a yogurt factory back in the UK, so Chantelle wants to let him be a  high roller while he’s visiting her in NYC. Chantelle came to the States when she was 22 and started her first company, Flawless, at 27, which she’s still growing. She tells her brother about her last failed love relationship and her brother jokingly questions her sexuality, then tells her to “open her back door” to love. Thanks, bro! 

Mica’s freaking out about her upcoming pop-up runway show. Most of the girls from her modeling agency are working in the “real” fashion shows, but she’s now in need of girls to quite literally POP UP in her show. It’s slim pickings in the casting call she holds. She’s looking for models who can flash mob/drop it like it’s hot/slow fierce walk. Basically, Mica needs to cast 50 Micas in the show. But so far, there’s just her and a handful of out-of-work 3rd string models who are going to do this thing, come hell or high water.

 Arzo is at her sales showroom where she works with independent designers to help them launch their brands. Fashion is everything to her, she says, and she’s always been the rebel in the family. We meet her boyfriend, YestirDay, who is rocking some floral Zubaz pants and is getting ready to go home to cook for his woman. What’s not to like here? Why no intro to the family yet? Ah, as she told us last episode, Arzo cannot bring a guy home to meet her conservative Afghani parents unless she is basically engaged. And, probably, unless his name is not “YestirDay.” Oh, it’s also a teensy problem that he’s only 27 years old and has no legitimate income. Parroting Renee Zellweger’s speech in Jerry Maguire, Arzo says she loves YestirDay not for the man he is right now, but for the man he will someday be. Girrrrrrrlllll. I’ll say no more on that subject.

Oh lord. It’s the Day of Reckoning at Geneva’s 480-square foot apartment. She’s in bed crying and hears a knock at the door, so she just reaches on over past the fridge and opens it up to reveal Chantelle bearing a latte and questions about why Geneva was in JAIL last night. “I never would imagine this for myself…to be treated like some dirty criminal is just really f*d up,” she interviews. Ok, here’s the story (according to Geneva): Geneva took a cab ride that should have been a $10 fare, but the cabbie took a long route, argued with Geneva about it, stopped his cab in the middle of traffic and demanded Geneva get out. Geneva called 911, but saw a traffic cop at the same time who told the cabbie to keep it moving because it’s illegal to stop mid-traffic & kick someone out. Still in the cab with the meter running, the cab took Geneva took to a nail salon where Geneva told him she’d pay him the standard fare, not the jacked up fare. After entering the nail salon, Geneva was accosted by the police (who the cabbie had called) to either pay the full fare he’d charged her or go to jail. Then the police “ARRESTES” her over $15. (Google Geneva Translation Tool: “Arrested”) Geneva feels like the entire situation was racially motivated, and though she loves New York, she feels like a young, single, black woman in America without power now. She vows that they’re not going to get away with this sh*t, whoever “they” are.

Over at the pop-up runway show, the 3rd string models have not shown up and Mica is heated. She is also rocking some sort of Mad Men wig and a wife beater. The models are late and, according to Mica, irresponsible like most non-MicaHughesAgency-models are. “You are not Naomi Campbell. No one knows you. Naomi can show up late, you can’t” says Mica. #truth! Feeling like her reputation is on the line, Mica breaks down in tears. When the models finally show up, Mica rallies for the walk-through. There are glow sticks involved. That’s all we know for now.

Demetria and her fiancé Greg are sampling wedding food options, which is all Greg’s fault according to Demetria. She wanted simple, he wants pizzazz. She’s secured a wedding planner, which Greg is not a fan of. He’s also not a fan of being blamed for the over-the-top wedding bizness, because he’d just as soon have gone to Red Lobster. Demetria is excited to get married and live her life with Greg, but is just not into the pomp and circumstance of the wedding day itself. I get that. But why blame Greg? He just wants some cheese biscuits, lady! 

Back at Mica’s pop-up show, Daisy meets up with Chantelle and her brother for ringside seats. Bringggg it! Chantelle fills Daisy in about Geneva’s night in jail. Arzo shows up to hear the news and immediately says she hates taxi drivers too, but denies any racism being at play here. “Not everything is about race. Geneva, you didn’t pay for a cab. You turned into a fiery meatball. That’s why you got arrested, not because you’re black,” interviews Arzo. Melyssa shows up next and Arzo snarks about Geneva’s arrest to her, but Chantelle is not finding it funny at all. Backstage, Mica is praying with her models before the debacle show takes shape. Mica sings/whispers the announcement of the pop-up show over the din of drinks being served and Arzo cackling about Geneva’s arrest. No one is listening. And next thing you know, girls in bikinis holding glow sticks over their heads are trampling through the crowd while Daisy tries not to get run over by the herd. Mica interviews that she knows not everyone is going to “get” her concept, but from the looks of things, her show’s not really making much of an impression…other than mass confusion. “It was a little embarrassing,” says Arzo. “So weird. I felt like I was at a drag show.” At least YestirDay liked it!

At the end of the night Chantelle tells Arzo she’s upset with her and her big mouth making fun of Geneva’s aresstes. The two of them start going at it, calling each other a “British Bulldog” and an “Afghan Hound” before Melyssa tries to break it up for a hot minute, then fades away. Arzo yells, “F**k you b*tch! You better watch yourself.” Then leaves. Daisy tells Chantelle she’s feisty and doesn’t think they need to talk about it anymore. She quips in her interview, “What? We all look like animals! I’m a cub.” Previews for next week reveal more fallout from Geneva’s arresstes-arrestesing, including lines being drawn within the group over its racial motivation, or lack thereof. Plus, more surprises are in store: Demetria and Mica actually…speaking to one another!? Pop-up Miracle! 


Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Bravo