Carole Radziwill on Access Hollywood Live

Carole Radziwill is back to bring the zencasm (sarcastic-zen) to Real Housewives Of New York. Now in her third season she dishes on finding a much-younger man this season and building a friendship with Bethenny Frankel despite a less than favorable first impression. 

Carole admits to Access Hollywood that she’s still dating Adam, the chef she met at Luann de Lesseps‘ Hamptons house on last week’s show! Carole insists she doesn’t generally date younger men but Adam is an exception, although one she’s really enjoying. 

“Its nice to be with someone who hasn’t been through like 10 really bad relationships, or divorce, or like a crazy girl… there’s something kind of new and fresh,” Carole says of her relationship with Adam, whom she reveals is “almost 30.” 


“In this case, we met on the show and we connected on another level. We have a lot of same interests in music, in spirituality – same values,” Carole elaborates. “I don’t want to make it into this big epic romance, but we’re having a thing and we’re having a good time – it’s not that much more complicated.” 

When asked if the show wants to make her cougar romance a big deal, Carole answered, “Maybe. I haven’t seen how it unfolds, but I know kind of what we filmed and I think it’s a nice little romance on the show. I think the storyline this year is a little bit romance, a little bit fun, a little bit Sex And The City.” 

Moving on to Bethenny business, Carole admits she was difficult to deal with at first. “I heard so much about her and she’s like, funny, funny, funny and I’m pretty funny too and I thought, in the beginning, we’ll be funny together. She’s funny, but a different kind of funny. She was very intense when I first met her. Very focused, very disciplined. She’s not as chill and laid-back as I kinda thought.” 

Prior to filming with her on RHONY, Carole had never met or interacted with Bethenny. “I didn’t see her on the show that much; I just knew of her from Skinnygirl and as a businesswoman and her talk show,” says Carole. “She came in and she was very intense and very strong. I think partly it was because she’s nervous – she’s coming into this group of women again and she wanted to make an impression.”

“I didn’t even have a one-on-one talk with her until several weeks into filming, because she was always putting out fires or creating fires,” Carole laughs. “And I don’t go near the fires.” 

Now she considers Bethenny a friend. “I get along with her great,” Carole adds. “But our friendship grew, slow and steady, over the course of the season. And by the end we’re good friends. We just went to Miami for a girl’s weekend – just the two of us.” 

I do wonder how this affects Carole’s close friendship with Heather, although the two appear to still be very good friends as well. As Carole said, she’s not a girl who goes near the fires!

Moving on tonight is another episode of RHONY. The ladies are still in the Hamptons for the battle of the brunch with the group divided over whose brunch is best: Bethenny’s or Ramona’s

Back in the city, Luann has an unpleasant surprise for Bethenny: the return of Kelly Bensimon! Then Luann is forced to endure a tense brunch with alpha-phemales, Bethenny and Heather. And finally she and Ramona have a heart-to-heart about Ramona’s divorce. It’s basically all Lu, all the time tonight so I hope you like a countess flavoring!

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