Entertainment Tonight recently visited Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo at home to check in on the little couple after the high-risk delivery of their baby girl, Penelope, on March 16. Terra and Joe have been documenting Terra’s pregnancy and her baby’s birth on Lifetime’s Little Women: Terra’s Little Family. Terra’s pregnancy was considered high risk due to the forms of dwarfism she and Joe have and the series has provided a glimpse into the fears and joys the couple has shared along the way. Facing health concerns like the risk of having a double-dominant child (a condition in which double-dominant dwarfism genes prove fatal for a newborn), the couple were overjoyed to welcome a healthy 6-pound, 2-ounce little girl this spring!

Penelope may face health concerns down the road; still, Terra and Joe hope for the best: “She doesn’t have any part of my dwarfism,” Joe told ET. “It’s all [Terra’s]. I’ve had a bunch of leg surgeries and scoliosis and stuff. We’re hoping that, because she’s just Terra’s type that she’ll be able to avoid that.” Terra added, “We don’t know in the future if she’s going to need leg surgery or back surgery. All of these things are very common with achondroplasia [a form of short-limbed dwarfism], but all we can do is give her the best life that she can have.” Terra is four foot, two inches tall and 90 pounds, which Penelope could grow to be as well.


Citing other obstacles as new little parents, Terra notes that finding a custom crib for little Penelope was at the top of the list! “It’s impossible to find a crib that actually fits a little person,” Terra told ET’s Brooke Anderson. “Now that the ones that come down are outlawed, this was the only crib we could do.” Because their crib is custom designed to be low to the ground and outfitted with “barn doors” that unlock and swing out, Joe and Terra are able to safely lift their baby in and out of bed without using a precarious step-stool. “Without the crib’s barn doors that open like that, there’s no way that I’d be able to reach in and pick her up,” Joe explained. Of course, the couple are also simply facing the rigors and joys of being new parents – whether little or big! Evidence of this was Terra’s telling tweet yesterday: “Any pumping moms out there? What’s your favorite type of breast pump?” she asked other moms out there. She also reminded Twitter fans to check out the April 24th issue of PEOPLE Magazine, which profiles Terra’s Little Family inside. “Pick up your copy of #peoplemagazine today for the inside scoop!”



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